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v13.40 content creator update: cars are finally here!

Here’s a sneak peek about what to expect in tonight’s v13.40 content update

Joy Ride Update

Driving arrives in Fortnite! Fuel up at the new gas stations and master each car’s unique speed and handling.

Groove to the Music

Your road trip on the Island needs a soundtrack, so we added radio stations. If you’re streaming, adjust your Creator Options in the Audio Settings for copyright-safe music.

Summer Splash LTMs

New summer LTMs continue this week with Gungame and One Shot.

Coral Castle

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In case you were underwater and missed it, the Coral Castle POI surfaced in the northwest quadrant of the map. Explore a lost city that time forgot.

Party Royale

New entertainment across music, sports, and the deep sea. Starting Friday, we’ll have a video premiere event from Japanese artist Kenshi Yonezu at the Main Stage. Refer to your channel’s platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes.

What’s bugging you?

We were able to squash some key bugs called out by many of you. This includes the Slow Glider bug, dropping a weapon to instantly reload it, and controller bugs on PC. Keep giving us feedback!

Fingers crossed there aren’t anymore car related delays! Check back in for our v13.40 thread which will cover all the changes not covered here

Source Fortnite Tracker Feed

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