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Valorant Beta Keys: Riot Games expands how to get a Valorant Beta Key with Twitch Drops

Valorant Beta Keys: Riot Games expands how to get a Valorant Beta Key with Twitch Drops 1

Riot Games has announced that they are changing how fans can get a Valorant beta key this week using Twitch Drops. Before, gamers needed to watch specific Twitch streams for several hours using a Riot linked Twitch account. However, from now on, gamers can watch all Valorant Twitch streams to have a chance of earning a beta key.

The bad news is that there won’t be an increase in the number of keys released by Riot Games.

But it does widen the group of people who can help you earn one through Twitch Drops.

Here’s the latest news from the Valorant development team, which states: “We’ll lead with the changes and then follow up with our thought process.

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“Starting now, all VALORANT Twitch streams can drop closed beta access (as long as they are playing VALORANT).

“While we’re still running closed beta drops 24/7, please note that this change doesn’t increase the number of drops, just that you can watch any Valorant stream to be eligible.

“As a reminder: drops happen at all times (even when you’re offline!), but only for players in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries.

“This is based off of your Riot account’s home-based region, which you can check by logging into https://account.riotgames.com/account and seeing what is listed under country/region.”

So what about those gamers who may have earned a Valorant beta key but don’t live in the right region?

Riot Games has confirmed that they will be expanding the places that the Valorant Closed Beta will be playable.

“If you’re in a region that doesn’t yet have a closed beta— Please be patient!” Riot adds.

“We’re moving as fast as possible to release closed beta in new regions, with Brazil, LATAM, and Korea in our sights, but can’t confirm dates just yet.

“If you’re a streamer playing VALORANT and want to give away Closed beta drops, be sure to enable in-game drops through your Twitch account.”

As mentioned by Riot Games earlier this month, keeping servers online and working well is a big part of the closed beta.

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