Valorant patch notes as Riot servers go live in some regions

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Valorant patch notes as Riot servers go live in some regions

The Valorant release date plan has been confirmed by Riot Games and it has seen the first servers go live.

This doesn’t mean that everyone has access to the game yet and the process won’t end until closer to 8am ET, in the United States and Canada.

The next regions to go live will be Europe, Turkey, MENA, Russia, and CIS countries, with the Valorant release time set for 6am, GMT.

North America is one of the last regions to see Valorant servers go live, with the Asian region getting support first.

Riot Games has confirmed that servers are now live for gamers in Korea, Japan, and most of Asia-Pacific.

This doesn’t include all countries in the area, with Riot Games confirming that some areas will not see support for some time.

“For regions like Vietnam, we won’t be able to launch just yet, and for regions like India and the Middle East, we have future plans for you but for now will be mapping you to the SEA and EU servers, respectively,” a message from Riot Games explains.

“You’ll have higher latencies than we’d like, but we figured you’d want to play the game as soon as possible. Expect updates to come as we make progress here.”

Riot Games has also released the official Day One patch notes for the Valorant release on PC.

These include details on a number of important areas of the game and how they are being affected.

There are also references made to Reyna and the game mode, titles Spike Rush, with Riot Games adding: “Reyna is the latest Agent to join VALORANT—straight from the heart of Mexico.

“Ascent, an open playground for small wars of position and attrition, enters the map pool. Spike Rush (beta) also arrives to deliver a fresh and more hectic flavor of VALORANT.

“Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze and Jett all received a decent share of buffs and nerfs respectively to get them ready for launch.

“This patch also targeted the framerate drops some of you were getting during combat. The devil’s in the details, but know that getting performance where we want for all players is an ongoing process we hope to nail down in the next few patches.

“Improvements to hit registration, and a rework of Split’s mid chokepoint joins the healthy list of fixes and updates.”

Highlights from today’s Valorant patch notes can be found below:



  • Ascent is a map set in Italy that features a large, open middle area that both teams can skirmish over. Mid is a playground for diverse ability use and successfully controlling the area opens additional routes for Attackers to both Spike sites.
  • As our new map for launch, Ascent will be slightly more common in our Matchmaking rotation for the first few days so that you can get more opportunities to play on the map.

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