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Valorant patch notes for Act 2: Act Ranks goes live with Killjoy contract

Valorant Act 2 is rolling out today and developers Riot Games have provided detailed patch notes on what’s changing.

As revealed prior to the big launch, gamers can buy a new Battle Pass, unlock a new Agent and expect the launch of a new mode later this week.

Killjoy is the latest agent to join the Valorant roster and comes with her own unique set of abilities.

It’s unclear how popular or loathed she will become until gamers have had a chance to test out her nano swarms and turrets, but they will first need to complete her new contract, or directly purchase access.

Killjoy’s abilities

  • Alarmbot: Equips a covert Alarmbot that hunts down enemies that get in range and explodes, applying Vulnerable.
  • Turret: Deploy a turret that fires at enemies in a 180-degree cone.
  • Signature Ability Nanoswarm: Equip a Nano Swarm grenade which activates a Nanoswarm and deploys a damaging swarm of nanobots.
  • Ultimate Ability Lockdown: The Lockdown device detains all enemies caught in its radius but can be destroyed by enemies.

The new Deathmatch mode is also part of the new Valorant update and is set to go live on August 5.

FFA Deathmatch allows ten players to enter the game with no abilities and infinite money.

Players respawning after death have the objective to be the first to 30 kills or most kills at 6 minutes.

As a rough rundown, Free-For-All deathmatch will include ten players. No abilities. Infinite money.

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It should also be noted that FFA deathmatch is going to launch in a BETA test window on August 5, meaning it is subject to change.

Riot Games will be monitoring server performance and game stability, with the hope that they can leave everything in place if everything remains steady.

Full patch notes for today’s Valorant update can be found below, courtesy of Riot Games:

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