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Vikings season 6: Was Bjorn Ironisde the first King of Norway?

Vikings season 6: Was Bjorn Ironisde the first King of Norway? 1

Vikings season six airs on Wednesdays on History US and Thursdays on Amazon Prime Video. Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig) is the current King of Kattegat and it looks like he is on track to become the first King of Norway.

Was Bjorn Ironside the first King of Norway?

In Viking season six, episode five, Olaf arranged for Vikings and the earls of Norway to hold a democratic vote to appoint the first King of Norway.

Olaf (Steven Berkoff) has promised Bjorn that once a vote had been held for the new king of Norway, he will give up his power and titles.

However, in a strange turn of events, Olaf has made clear he intended for Bjorn to be King of Norway.

As the episode drew to an end, Bjorn looked like he had won the vote to become the King of Norway.

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The most detailed account is in Snorri Sturluson’s 44-chapter-long Heimskringla. He is believed to have ruled over several small kingdoms that make up present-day Norway after inheriting the scattered kingdoms from his father, Halfdan the Black Gudrödarson.

Although the historical accounts differ, the various sagas state he was responsible for unifying Norway in one kingdom.

In 866, Harald is thought to have begun his conquest over the small kingdoms of Norway and by 872, he had become king of the entire country.

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During is the reign, he faced threats from his opponents in the Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands, Hebrides Islands, the Faroe Islands and northern Europe.

He also faced trouble from his many sons, who are named as ‘kings’ in the saga’s and acted as representatives over lands Harald appointed to them.

The various saga’s state that Harald fathered between 11 to 20 sons in total.

In his old age, Harald is said to have handed all power to his son Eirik Bloodaxe.

Harald is believed to have died of old age in 933.

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