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Virgin Media, Sky and BT broadband beaten AGAIN: So who is best for speed and UK price?

Virgin Media, Sky and BT broadband beaten AGAIN: So who is best for speed and UK price? 1

Each one of the UK’s biggest broadband suppliers has been put to its paces to work out who is the greatest when it comes to speed, price and performance. This latest report comes via the team at BusinessFibre.co.uk who has used data from across a wide-range of the telecoms industry to rate the UK’s broadband and crown a winner. So, how does your provider compare?

Well, the leader of the broadband pack might surprise you as beating all of its rivals is Zen Internet who scored top marks across all areas. Although this Internet Service Provider (ISP) is one of the priciest in the list, its broadband offers fast speeds (both download and upload), great customer satisfaction and the best overall reliability.

Customers with Zen get average speeds of 112.2Mbps – well above the UK average – and the firm scores a customers service rating of 4.4 out of 5, which is the highest of any of the other providers in the chart.

Second in the chart was Virgin Media which, despite being the most expensive, offers the fastest speeds and a good satisfaction rating from customers. Virgin is followed by Vodafone in third and Post Office in fourth.

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Coming bottom of Buisnessfibre’s league table are TalkTalk, Sky and BT who all scored poorly for speeds, satisfaction and reliability.

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In fact, despite being one of the most expensive, BT’s broadband plans were found to have some of the slowest download speeds and lowest score when it comes to customer service.

The lowest price for the first year of BT broadband is £320, however, customers only get an average speed of 40.8Mbs – that’s compared with 112Mbps available to Zen subscribers for the same price. This isn’t the first time Zen has come out on top when it comes to broadband speeds.

Recent results from the annual Broadband Genie home broadband survey gave Zen the gong for Best Broadband Provider, Most Recommended Provider and Most Trusted Provider.

According to the latest results, the Lancashire-based ISP also had the fastest standard and superfast broadband speeds.

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