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Virgin Media users just gained access to 1000s of FREE movies you won't find on Sky TV

If you already use Virgin Media TV V6 at home, you can head to the Apps & Games menu.

If you’re using PlutoTV – or any streaming service included on the Virgin Media TV V6 – pretty regularly, then you can add it to your favourites to access it a little quicker in future. To do that, highlight the app and press Thumbs Up to add a favourite, or to remove a favourite app press Thumbs Down instead.

Of course, you don’t need a Virgin Media TV V6 box to watch PlutoTV, it’s available on a number of platforms, including Apple TV, Roku streaming sticks, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and more.

ViacomCBS Networks UK President Maria Kyriacou said: “At Pluto TV, we strive to create a new digital TV experience for audiences with an ever-expanding universe of original channels and on-demand programming. Being present on a high-quality platform such as Virgin Media helps us target new viewers and brings us closer to our goal.”

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