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Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Persistent pain in a certain part of the body may be a sign

Vitamin D is a prohormone which is a precursor of a hormone. 

The human body produces vitamin D as a response to sun exposure. With many in self-isolation and avoiding the outdoors, many people may be putting themselves at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D assists the body by promoting healthy bones and teeth and supporting the immune system – which is particularly important during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Spotting signs you might be deficient in vitamin D is essential in order to boost your body with either supplementation or the right kinds of food. Pain in a certain region is a symptom of a deficiency.

Vitamin D helps support the brain and nervous system, regulates insulin levels, supports diabetes management, supports lung function and the cardiovascular system.

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With pre-existing conditions putting people at higher risk of serious complications due to coronavirus including those with cardiovascular issues, lung disease and diabetes, vitamin D aids in keeping these systems running smoothly.

As such, ensuring you have enough vitamin D is vital and if you have been experiencing headaches, it could mean you need more vitamin D.

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