Wales holidays: Wales to enter national lockdown – what it means for Welsh getaways

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Wales holidays: Wales to enter national lockdown – what it means for Welsh getaways

So what does this mean for Britons with holidays booked to Wales or hoping to head to the country for a getaway?

The ‘fire break’ will dash any Welsh holiday plans as travel is banned and hotels are closed.

“Travel is limited to essential travel only,” explained the Welsh Government website.

“Travelling into Wales for a holiday is not one of the permitted reasons under the Regulations.”


Holidaymakers are advised to get in touch with their travel provider as soon as possible to find out their options.

“If you have pre-booked – and paid for a holiday – we would advise you to contact the travel agent or travel company to discuss the current situation in Wales and the restrictions which have been put in place by the Welsh Government to restrict non-essential travel,” said

“You should also contact your travel insurer to discuss the situation – while many insurers have designed policies with coronavirus exclusion clauses, some annual policies may cover this situation.”

Travel out of Wales is also prohibited but transit through the country is permitted.

“You should keep all necessary stops within Wales to a minimum, and minimise all contact with people as much as possible,” said the government site.

Most comprehensive annual travel insurance policies, especially those provided through bank accounts, will cover UK holidays.

If you booked before mid-March when coronavirus was declared a pandemic your policy should include cancellation cover for holidays.

However, standard annual policies are unlikely to cover UK travel.

What’s more, some insurers introduced covid-exclusion clauses for getaways booked after mid-March, so it’s worth checking the wording of your holiday insurance.

Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director of Medical Travel Compared, warned that going against government advice would likely invalidate travel insurance.

“Most travel insurance policies won’t be able to cover you if you travel against government advice,” he said.

“If you have a staycation booked to one of the [UK’s highest restricted areas] check with your travel insurance provider first to see whether you would be covered.”

Wales Tourism Alliance (WTA) told the BBC said about half of Welsh tourism businesses surveyed by alliance are concerned they might not survive the next six months, with some facing the “worst possible scenario”.

Last week, Wales announced a travel ban which barred visitors from Northern Ireland, England’s tier two and three areas and the Scottish central belt.

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