Warframe Railjack Revisited and Nightwave Series 3 start time: PS4 and Xbox update news

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Warframe Railjack Revisited and Nightwave Series 3 start time: PS4 and Xbox update news

Developers Digital Extremes has announced that they will be launching the Warframe Railjack Revisited update this week, along with Nightwave Series 3, on PS4 and Xbox One. There will be two parts to this patch, with the second arriving at a later date for console players. Digital Extremes says they are aiming to make Railjack a more fun and better paced experience, although not all their planned changes will be arriving this week.

“We are continuing our Warframe Revised update pattern – this time with a focus on Railjack,” a message from the development team explains.

“Earlier this year we released ‘Warframe Revised’ which touched a lot of Warframe, but also included a big batch of bug fixes for Railjack.

“Now it’s time to dive deeper into key areas: Pacing, Balance, and Tools of the Trade. Not included in this Revisit: Intrinsics, Missions, and other areas. These are bigger undertakings for later Parts, but expect more revisions to come (to Malfunctions too)!

“The key intention behind this Railjack Revisited update is to make Railjack better paced and more fun, while also being more rewarding for your time.”

Digital Extremes has confirmed that the Warframe Railjack Revisited update will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on May 12, 2020.

They have also confirmed that the new patch should be available to download and install by 4pm GMT, and will weigh in at around 1.25GB.

This new update will also be packaged with the release of Nightwave Series 3 – The Glassmaker, which will go live at the later time of 7pm, GMT.

Nightwave is a pirate radio station hosted by Nora Night, providing new rewards and stories, as well as the expected Challenges.

Nightwave Series 3 is expected to focus on Railjack and is probably the reason behind the short delay between the new update and release of The Glassmaker.

Highlights from the official Warframe update patch notes for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can be found below:

General Changes:

  • Doubled the Railjack’s innate loot-pickup (Vacuum) Range.
    • We’ve also improved the way that Vacuums pull items towards the player and the Railjack. The maximum amount of time it takes for the pick-up to reach the player should be a little more consistent now (about 0.75 seconds in most cases).
  • The Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima will no longer have downtime – it will rotate every 30 minutes to a different node with no downtime in between.
  • Changing the pacing and general feel of all Railjack Piloting and movement to be less reliant on the optimal strategy of “Single strafe Boost then Repeat”:
    • Doubled the Railjack’s base Speed.
    • Lowered Boost Speed by 75%.
    • Increased the Boost Speed cost of dodge.
    • Increased Boost Drain.
  • Made scale a factor in damage reduction and bonuses. This means Archwings and their weapons will do more damage to ships, while also taking less damage from them.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the sensitivities of the emplacement positions (side turrets now match the pilot turret).
  • Doubled Revolite crafting yield from 50 to 100.
  • Tripled values of Titanium and Asterite resource drops.
  • Grineer on-foot enemies now drop Archwing Mods, and Captains drop Operation and Dual Stat Archwing Mods.
  • Changed the Omni tool to slot into the first available slot in the Gear Wheel when given to players instead of being appended to the end.
  • Removed unnecessary ability to use the Omni tool outside of Railjack missions.
  • When transitioning between Railjack missions, your Warframe/Operator Health/Shields will be restored as well as any Vazarin instant Revives.
  • Railjack sessions will lock after 5 minutes or if 50% of the Fighters have died – similar to normal sessions.
  • Railjack Missions will reward more Credits at End of Mission to tie some of the main currencies into the reward structure more heavily.
    • Earth Proxima Missions reward 30,000 – 45,000 Credits depending on the node.
    • Saturn Proxima Missions reward 50,000 – 75,000 Credits depending on the node.
    • Veil Proxima Missions reward 80,000 – 150,000 Credits depending on the node.
  • Removed the whirly spin move of one of the Sentient fighters. He was having just a little bit too much fun and the other Sentients were just not having any of his funny business.
  • Updated the look of the Taktis Grineer Fighter ships.
  • Made slight visual updates to the search bar in the Avionics screen.
  • Made the hit notification sounds clearer when making contact with an enemy fighter. 
  • Removed the mention of ‘Archwing Catapult maneuvers’ from the Engineering Intrinsics description due to none of its Ranks relating to the Archwing Slingshot. You can find Archwing Slingshot improvements under the Gunnery Intrinsic!
  • “Reset Defaults” and “Randomize All” buttons in Railjack cosmetics screen will reset the camera to the overview when viewing the exterior. This makes more sense as these buttons apply changes to the entire ship, and also fixes an issue where if you were focused on the decal or name then the position would be wrong after changing the Railjack skin. 
  • Your Pet Companions will teleport alongside you when transitioning between different regions in a Railjack mission (ie Omni Recall, Archwing Slingshot, boarding a Crewship via Archwing, etc). 
    • This addresses feedback that Pet Companions could take many seconds to catch up, or if it’s bleeding out, won’t catch up at all, thus dying frequently. This also fixes Pet Companions sometimes dying on an exploding Crewship that you’ve already departed from. 

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