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'Warzone' train path, location, possible tank use in 'Call of Duty' Season 5

'Warzone' train path, location, possible tank use in 'Call of Duty' Season 5 1

The jump from moving plane to moving train has proven attractive for “Call of Duty” players after this week’s Season 5 update to “Warzone” implemented a loot-filled locomotive circling the Verdansk map.

From the jump, there have been hordes of users trying to rack up kills on the mobile train cars and snag cash from supply boxes.

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There is a balance of risk and reward with the Verdansk train (and the newly opened stadium) that players should weigh based on their preferred style.

Here’s what to know about the train in Verdansk:

Where is the train in ‘Warzone’?

The train is in the southwestern part of the map, traveling on a loop on one of the tracks that was already present in the game before Season 5.  

What is the ‘Warzone’ train path?

Much of the “Warzone” train’s journey comes alongside a wide road on the western part of the map. At its northernmost point, it passes right by the airport before wrapping all the way down past the hospital, Promenade East and the hills. It is viewable on the mini-map.

Can you stop the moving ‘Warzone’ train?

So far, it does not appear possible to halt the fast-moving train, though people continue to try techniques such as placing vehicles in front of it and shooting it with rocket launchers.

Will the tank on the ‘Warzone’ train be activated?

There is currently a tank on the “Warzone” train that is covered up by a beige tarp. For now, users cannot enter or interact with the tank, and there are no deployable tanks elsewhere in Verdansk. Activision has not suggested the lack of in-play tanks will change any time soon.

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That said, it is interesting for a tank to be included in the Season 5 train, and it’s not impossible for an armored vehicle to enter the fray down the road.

What else did the Season 5 update include?

The biggest map update beyond the introduction of the train was the opening of the entire stadium and station, each of which could not be entered before Season 5. There are also new weapons and a mini royale mode with fewer participants than the typical “Warzone” match.

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