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WATCH: Passenger disgust at ‘lowest of the low’ move in plane seat – police called for

Plane travel can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, so long as you aren’t sat next to any passengers with particularly disgusting or dirty habits. A video of one passenger on a plane has recently gone viral after he was caught red-handed engaging in a very dirty act in his seat.

The moment was captured by the passenger sitting behind him, who caught sight of what he was getting up to through the gap in the seats.

Repulsed, they shared the video to Instagram account @PassengerShaming, where they were not alone in their disgust for the scene.

In the video, the anonymous traveller can be seen pulling at flakes of dead skin on the bottom on their feet.

The video zooms in to show the passenger pulling at what appears to be a particularly tough piece of dead skin before letting it fall to the ground of the cabin.

Travellers in their masses have flocked to the comments section to share their disdain, with 48.9 thousand viewers having already witnessed the incident.

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Flights: The viral video shows a man engaging in a “disgusting” activity in his seat (Image: Getty Images / Instagram @PassengerShaming)

One passenger even proclaimed: “I’m calling the cops”.

Another said: “When you’re so bored you resort to the lowest of the low…”

A third person wrote: “I would die if someone did that next to me.”

Little is known about the passenger or why he decided to engage in this peculiar form of grooming in a public place, but some travellers have begged the question of why anyone would think it is an acceptable move.

One person said: “I barely want to do that myself in private! That’s what a pedicure is for.”

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While another infuriated traveller wrote: “I just have one question. Who, exactly, are these people? I am extremely curious.

“Granted I’ve seen people in their pyjamas on planes, I’ve seen people drink and belligerent on planes and I’ve seen people eating questionable and smelly food on planes but I have never seen anyone remove their shoes, pick at the toes, leave babies laying on the floor etc.

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“So I guess I want to know where does this happen, what routes, what airline?”

Passenger instagram picking feet on plane

Flights: One passenger said “I’m calling the cops” (Image: Instagram @PassengerShaming)

Picking dead skin off feet

Flights: The passenger was caught picking dead skin from their feet (Image: Instagram @PassengerShaming)

The airline this particular incident occurred on remains anonymous, as does the faceless man.

Of course, as is often the case with viral videos, there are jokers in the comments too who make light of what can often be a heated situation.

One travel enthusiast joked: “Time zone changes often dries the skin.”

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Another added: “Nice asiago shaving.”

Feet seem to be a common issue on planes, with countless passengers being caught on camera exposing their toes.

A young passenger was recently left feeling uneasy as a pair of dirty toes edged their way through a gap in the seats towards him.

The video, also shared to Instagram, shows the little boy looking worried as the feet of the passenger behind him slip into his personal space.

Adding insult to injury, one of the toes appears to be wrapped in a plaster.

“Some passengers are pigs!” one person commented on the disturbing footage.

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