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WATCH: Plane skids off runway before take-off amid icy weather

Flight 1770, which was bound for Atlanta, Georgia, slipped off the runway before take-off and ended up partially on grass next to the tarmac at Green Bay Straubel International Airport in Wisconsin, in the United States.

While none of the 107 passengers were injured in the incident, they all had to depart the plane and instead board another aircraft.

Jake Liebergen, a passenger on the Saturday flight, told WBAY: “It was scary at first because people kind of jumped and screamed a bit.

“We noticed he was going pretty fast around the corner and slid a little bit.”

Mr Liebergen said that he could see snow coming out of his window and before he knew it, the plane was right in the snow and tipped.

On Saturday morning, conditions were icy, creating dangerous driving conditions that caused several vehicle crashes in the area.

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Plane: A Delta flight skid of the the runway last weekend (Image: Global News)

Delta has since issued an apology for the incident and confirmed that the plane partially left the taxiway because of icy conditions.

“We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience and delay of Delta flight 1770. Our teams in Green Bay, Wis. quickly worked with airport officials to safely deplane customers onto buses to be re-accommodated on an alternate aircraft,” said Adrian Gee, Corporate Communications for Delta Air Lines.

Elsewhere, a plane carrying 164 passengers skidded off the runway in Istanbul on Tuesday morning.

Storms and heavy rainfall have affected the city since Sunday night and played a role in the plane’s struggle to land.

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Plane: Bad weather accounts for up to 50 percent of air travel flight delays (Image: Getty Images)

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The Pegasus flight was arriving from the United Arab Emirates’ Sharjah as it slid off the runway while landing.

Those on board the Boeing 737-800 were evacuated using emergency slides and there were no reports of injury.

In a press release, Pegasus Airlines said: “The Pegasus Airlines flight PC747, on a TC-CCK registered aircraft, travelling from Sharjah International Airport, UAE, to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Turkey, on 7 January 2020 experienced a runway excursion after landing at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen.

“All passengers and cabin crew have been disembarked safely from the aircraft. There has been no loss of life or injury to anyone on-board. The necessary investigations have begun and we will continue to provide information with regards to any further updates.”

Across the globe, another plane faced challenging weather conditions resulting in it skidding off the runway after touchdown.

The WestJet service from Toronto to Halifax in Canada slid off the runway after landing on Sunday and had to be towed back onto the tarmac before the 172 passengers on-board could leave the plane.

According to Areo News, strong winds prevailed, but there were no injuries to report.

All three plane incidents were in relation to extreme weather conditions faced in their respective countries.

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According to a 2019 study entitled ‘Bad weather and flight delays: The impact of sudden and slow onset weather events’, adverse weather conditions are an important external factor affecting delays in the air traffic system.

They account for up to 50 percent of air traffic delays within the US national airspace system alone.

In addition, extreme weather conditions as a result of climate change could increase the number and intensity of thunderstorms which could make flying trickier.

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