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Wave.video Presents a New Technology for Instant Video Content Updates

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“To help businesses acquire new technology, we build a native workflow inside the platform that will prompt more marketers to keep their content up-to-date.” – Kate Skavish, CVO at Wave.video

    BOSTON, MA, July 07, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — In 2020 Wave.video makes a major pivot and turns from an online video editor into a comprehensive video marketing suite that includes instruments for video making, repurposing for multiple channels, video hosting, content management, online collaboration, and video analytics.

The new technology makes Wave.video a unique solution that allows not only to produce new video content but also to keep the businesses’ video library up-to-date saving marketing budgets. This marks a new stage in video marketing when videos become a more dynamic piece of content.

Businesses spend increasing sums on video production, and a substantial part of this budget is allocated towards remaking outdated materials. Updating irrelevant parts of the videos requires significant efforts and a well-managed process that involves marketing and development teams or outsourced professionals. The new technology underlying Wave.video platform allows video creators to update already published videos using just one simple solution. The technology enables marketers to quickly edit videos online and automatically apply changes to any video hosted on Wave.video servers. The new version of the video appears simultaneously on every webpage where the previous version has been embedded before.

The new technology will yield benefits to a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce platforms, which are constantly refreshing product lines, SaaS companies struggling to maintain the relevancy of their product videos due to the high speed of development, online publications eager to maintain the actuality of their materials, and many more. It will also help digital marketing agencies or freelance video creators to establish new processes of communication with clients who tend to insist on after-the-fact edits.

Wave.video was launched by Dmitry Skavish, Kirill Kalishev, and Kate Skavish in 2017. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA, with two offices in Europe. Over 1,000,000 marketers from all around the globe successfully use Wave.video for their business growth.

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