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Weight loss: Emmerdale star Claire King shed 10lb by making one change to diet plan

The soap star has used the 5:2 diet where slimmers will restrict how many calories they eat on certain days of the week.

There are many forms of intermittent fasting which have different rules on when slimmers can eat.

Experts at Healthline.com explained: “The 5:2 diet involves eating normally for five days per week, then restricting your calorie intake to 500 to 600 calories on the other two days.”

By following this diet plan, Claire reportedly lost an impressive 10lb.


Restricting calories two days a week is believed to prompt dieters to make healthier choices on the other days.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine showed the diet causes similar weight loss results to regular calorie restriction.

While Claire has reportedly used intermittent fasting in the last few years, she first changed her lifestyle in 2005.

At the time, she enlisted the help of a diet and fitness expert to transform her frame.

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This meant starting the day with water and lemon and snacking on a small portion of grapes.

Most dieters know to slim down they need to stay hydrated.

Claire made sure to drink two litres of water a day to help her tone up.

When trying to lose weight, slimmers will often change their diet and exercise plans. 

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