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Weight loss: Man loses 8 stone in 12 months following this simple diet plan

“Thanks to losing weight, I’m down to 1mg steroids a day and haven’t used my asthma inhaler at all this year, and will be coming off that.”

Ad explained how his diet is much healthier now and tends to have Greek yoghurt with Alpen for breakfast, chicken with vegetables for lunch and then dinner consists of an omelette, fish or meat with vegetables including carrots, beans, sweetcorn and peppers.

He continued: “The first surprise for me was portion control. My go-to snack was cheese and crackers – I would have up to 18 in the past. But my health coach advised me to have two – so that was a big revelation.

“The weightless model did the job for me – somebody who can’t cook, doesn’t like dieting, doesn’t like salads – and it works. It’s the science behind it – and finding the clever way of doing it; the foods that allow the weight to come off.”

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