Weight loss: Wanted Down Under star Nicki Chapman’s diet plan includes a lot of this

WEIGHT LOSS is a top priority for many Britons trying to look after their health. Wanted Down Under star Nicki Chapman revealed her diet plan and exercise regimen to stay slim.


Nicki Chapman of Wanted Down Under fame achieved a weight loss of one dress size in recent years. The TV and radio presenter has been back on screens presenting the Wanted Down Under plus Revisits since 2 January. How does the blonde 51-year-old keep her figure trim? The Kent-born host revealed her diet plan to the Mirror in 2004.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror Nicki revealed she eats chicken a lot.

She told the paper: “I try to have five portions of fruit and veg a day and I eat a lot of chicken.

“I have cereal and fruit in the morning and salad at lunch.”

The star added that she avoids pasta, drinking alcohol and smoking.

“I don’t believe in faddy diets, but I follow the principles of Weight Watchers and Slimming World, ie smaller amounts, and that becomes a way of life,” she added.

Nicki Chapman weight loss

Weight loss: Wanted Down Under star Nicki Chapman diet secret (Image: GETTY)

Nicki Chapman at the races

Weight loss: Nicki Chapman has been back on screens presenting the Wanted Down Under (Image: GETTY)

What did Nicki do when it comes to exercise?

She revealed she had a personal trainer. She said: “I do 40 minutes on the machines and half an hour of cardiovascular work – running, speed-walking, step and rowing.

“We also concentrate on hips, thighs, arms, back and bust.”

Wanted in Down Under follows British families as they are given a look at life in Australia and New Zealand ahead of possible migration to the southern hemisphere.

Nicki Chapman

Weight loss: How does the blonde 51-year-old Nicki keep her figure trim? (Image: GETTY)

Tom Watson’s weight loss has also impressed many.

Tom, 52, has lost 86 pounds since last summer.

The deputy leader of the Labour Party followed a keto diet style plan.

He revealed he stopped eating sugar and refined sugar to overhaul his diet.

The MP also took up more exercise, in the form of walking and then cycling.


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