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Weight loss: Woman loses 11lb in 5 days following this simple diet plan

Nutritionist Jo Lee explains: “The five-day fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) is a great way to hit the reset button. While our body is busy digesting and metabolising food, it is less focused on regeneration and repair. FMDs include cellular processes such as autophagy and stem cell generation which have real impacts on our state of health.

However unlike most diets, this diet still provides your body with essential nutrients that it needs.

Stephanie continues: “As well as weight gain around my tummy I as getting stiff joints, but regular exercise has helped with this.”

Day 1

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Stephanie said: “When I woke up this morning, I was a little daunted but still determined. Having never attempted anything like this I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t really hungry. My Nutritional Therapist, Jo Lee, had advised me to put the soup into a bowl and sit at the table, as I would normally do, and to really eat my food slowly and I think this really helped.

“I have also drunk 2 litres of water today too. The choc chip bar was way too sweet for me and the thing I liked the least about the food.”

Day 2

The company director explains: “Today was ok but I wasn’t so keen on the lunchtime soup I definitely prefer the tomato soup but I really like the kale crackers (which was a surprise and the olives. I had a slight headache in the evening and felt tired for most of the day. I kept my water intake up and drank 1.5 litres as well as the prescribed drink.”

Day 3

Stephanie said: “I was dreading this day as there was very little to eat but again, I was surprised at how not-hungry I felt. I drank lots of water and the electrolyte drink really helped. I kept myself busy as I was worried about cheating and snacking but it was al fine and I have survived the day. Messages from Jo ad being over half way through helped motivate me!”

Day 4

Stephanie explains how she had lots of energy on day four of the diet plan.

She said: “The food and water intake were fine and I didn’t have any headaches. I have felt really motivated today.”

Day 5

Stephanie explained: “Today was a good day, I got lots done and wasn’t really hungry all day. I was starting to feel that I had definitely lost a few pounds as my clothes were a bit looser which was a huge motivation. Drank lots of water as it was really hot today too! There isn’t much food on the last day so it was good to keep busy.”

Day 6 – Transition Day

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Stephanie said: “I woke up this morning feeling great with lots of energy. I weighted in at 9am and had lost over 11lbs which was amazing. The transition day was easy and I just had some fruit, yoghurt, soup and salad.

“When I started this journey, I was so nervous but I actually found the restricted diet easy to stick to. I used the week to focus on gentle exercise in addition to my usual daily dog walking. This has really been a reset for me and am looking forward to what I am eating and determined to lose more weight over the coming weeks and months.”

This diet is a celebrity favourite with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Paris Hilton who are all fans of the Fast Mimicking Diet.


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