Wendy Williams Calls Out Jessica Simpson For Allowing Her Daughter, 8, To Read Her Memoir

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Wendy Williams Calls Out Jessica Simpson For Allowing Her Daughter, 8, To Read Her Memoir 1

Wendy Williams isn’t on board with Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Maxwell reading her mom’s memoir.  The book highlights serious topics including, alcohol abuse. Wendy said it’s a ‘bad idea’ for the youngster to be exposed to her mom’s past at 8-years-old.

Wendy Williams believes Jessica Simpson‘s daughter, Maxwell is “too young” to be reading her mom’s new memoir, Open Book. The talk show host, 55, reacted to the news after the “With You” singer, 39, posted a two-minute Instagram video of herself and Maxwell lounging in bed together on May 2 . At the end of the clip, the 8-year-old admitted that she’s already on chapter two of her mom’s candid book.

“You know I love Jessica Simpson, but she’s letting her 8-year-old daughter read her memoir. Now, you know her memoir talks about all kinds of stuff, including John Mayer saying that her sex is like sexual napalm,” Wendy said, recalling the exact controversial comment John said about his sex life with Jessica in a 2010 interview. At the time, he told Playboy that Jessica was like a “drug” to him, “like crack cocaine,” while discussing their “crazy sex life.”

Wendy continued, “She’s very open, and she discusses her alcoholism, her relationship with [ex-husband] Nick Lachey, and her fall downs and getups and her fall downs again. Your daughter seems smarter than you. You’ve got your 8-year-old daughter reading your memoir — it’s not enough that all she has to do is click on Youtube and see you talking about everything,” she explained, admitting, “It’s not a good idea. I understand being open with your kids but that’s too much and that girl is a little too young.”

(Video credit: Jessica Simpson/Instagram) 

During the video, which was dedicated to Maxwell on her 8th birthday, Jessica was impressed to see how well her daughter was able to read a notification that popped up on her phone.

“You’re reading so good. How in the world are you reading so fast?” the author asked, to which her daughter revealed, “I’m on the second chapter of your book!”

“Are you? That’s amazing, Max,” Jessica said, admitting, “My book is hard to read.” Then, the mother-daughter duo began singing “Amen” together, before they ended the clip with a few funny faces. They performed a duet of “This Little Light of Mine” in the beginning of the video. Jessica is also mom to 1-year-old Birdie Mae, and Ace, 6, who she shares with husband, Eric Johnson.

In her new memoir, Open Book (released on February 4), Jessica also opened up about her struggles with alcohol abuse — for the first time. She revealed that she got sober in November 2017 after a realizing that she needed to “surrender” before she missed another holiday with her family.

“I completely didn’t recognize myself” she wrote, noting that she was “spiraling” due to alcohol abuse. The businesswoman also admitted that she was sexually abused during her childhood.

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