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'We're leaving, we're sovereign!' Iain Duncan Smith attacks Remainer 'doomsday dossier'

The report warns of food and power shortages if there is a no-deal Brexit the same time as a second COVID-19 wave. The leaked dossier has revealed the military could be brought in to airdrop food to the Channel Islands. The document warned the Navy could be required to stop British fishermen fighting with European fishing boats.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “I don’t see the point in people producing “doomsday scenarios”.

“You could produce a scenario where everything is wonderful and nothing goes wrong at all and that would be equally as bad. The answer is we’re leaving. We’re sovereign. #Brexit.”

Speaking on Talk Radio, Mr Duncan Smith said the civil servants were the “worst people in the world to forecast anything”.

“My answer to them is pick your bags up, get back to your offices because hardly any civil servants are back in their offices at the moment, show us all an example, get back to work and that way we will get the economy moving.”

A Government spokeswoman has said the document shows the Government is ready for all eventualities.

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Both UK and EU negotiators have warned there has been little progress during the latest round of post-Brexit trade deal talks.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said: “We got Brexit done with a great deal in January and we are working flat out to make sure the United Kingdom is ready for the changes and huge opportunities at the end of the year as we regain our political and economic independence for the first time in almost fifty years.

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“Part of this work includes routine contingency planning for various scenarios that we do not think will happen, but we must be ready for come what may.

“Whether we trade with the EU on terms similar to Canada or to Australia, a brighter future awaits as we forge our own path.”

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