Home Tech WhatsApp Dark Mode could give users a tough choice to make

WhatsApp Dark Mode could give users a tough choice to make

WhatsApp Dark Mode could give users a tough choice to make 1

WhatsApp Dark Mode is currently available to some users, running a beta version of the hugely popular chatting app at least… The long-awaited feature arrived in WhatsApp beta version 2.20.13 for Android and, as expected, it ousts the programme’s eye-searing whites in favour of a gloomier dark blue. Those running WhatsApp beta version 2.20.13 or newer can enable Dark Mode in two ways – the app will either automatically conform to a system-wide dark theme in Android, or there’s a handy toggle in the settings menu if you prefer.

Since its release in beta form, WhatsApp’s Dark Mode hasn’t been well received by all. In fact, many early adopters of the theme have voiced their distaste for it online.

Speaking on Reddit, one said: “Why is Whatsapp Android’s new dark mode so ugly? It is just horrible compared to all other dark modes, and it doesn’t have an AMOLED dark mode option.”

Another user shared the same sentiment: “I was about to post the same thing. It’s so damn ugly!”

While some WhatsApp beta testers aren’t fond of its new Dark Mode to say the least, it seems the Facebook-owned firm could be working on a solution.

The ever-reliable WABetaInfo – a site renowned for trawling through WhatsApp beta versions to find hidden features – recently claimed version 2.20.13 of the app will include six solid colours they’re able to use as themes.

Available in the wallpaper settings, the options included are: black, dark brown, dark navy, dark olive, dark purple and dark velvet.

It seems each of the new colours can be used as a theme of sorts for WhatsApp, meaning if you’re not fond of the not so AMOLED friendly dark mode, you may be able to alter it to something you find more aesthetically pleasing.

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