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WhatsApp just shelved a new feature we really wanted to see arrive on iPhone and Android

It posted: “I’m very sad because I’ve discovered that WhatsApp has completely removed the vacation mode from the features under development on Android.”

“Using vacation mode, (muted?) archived chats weren’t unarchived when new messages arrived,” it added.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other features coming to your WhatsApp to keep you entertained in the coming weeks and months. Most anticipated is dark mode, which is widely-rumoured to be coming to the chat app. Following the introduction of system-wide dark mode in Android 10 and iOS 13, a number of apps have upgraded their apps to support the new appearance.

Dozens of apps, including the likes of Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram, now  support dark mode.

As well as making late-night conversations in the chat app a little easier on your eyes. Dark mode, which switches the bright-white elements of the user interface to dark greys or blacks, is also a real battery saver on handsets with an OLED display since the pitch-black pixels don’t need to use any energy.

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