Where to Find the Best Food in Nashville

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By Hannah Weston, Guest Contribution

Best Food in Nashville

If you’re headed to Nashville, there’s no doubt you’re going to be visiting places like the Grand Ole Opry and hanging out at night in a Honky Tonk Bar. When you get into town, drop off your bags with a luggage storage service in Nashville, and then fuel up with some of the best food in the city. You’ll be surprised by the food scene in Nashville and how much variety it offers.

Where to Find the Best Food in Nashville

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Hot Chicken

The food that Nashville is most famous for is, without a doubt, Hot Chicken. In fact, many first-time visitors insist that their first meal in Nashville be Hot Chicken. This spicy fried chicken was created back in the 1930s, when a woman wanted to punish her cheating boyfriend.

On a Sunday morning, after her boyfriend had been out the night before with another woman, she served him a plate of fried chicken covered in a large amount of hot peppers and spices. Instead of suffering, however, he loved it! He soon perfected the recipe and opened Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. Today, it is still family-owned and serving up the original Nashville Hot Chicken.

Want to try Nashville Hot Chicken for yourself? Here are some other popular restaurants serving up the spicy dish:

  • Hattie B’s Hot Chicken
  • Party Fowl
  • Pepperfire Hot Chicken
  • The Row


Tennessee barbecue is unlike its barbecue neighbors in Texas and the Carolinas. Its unique style means it’s something you should definitely try while you’re visiting Nashville. Now, barbecue restaurants can be argued over in the same way people argue over which style of barbecue is better. However, there are a few Nashville restaurants that are always on the top of this list for best Nashville Barbecue.

These are the most popular Nashville barbecue restaurants:

  • Edley’s Bar-B-Que
  • The Gambling Stick
  • Peg Leg Porker
  • Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

Hot Dogs

So, in Nashville, hot dogs are a thing! They aren’t just something you get at a baseball game. In Nashville, there are restaurants dedicated to the fantastic frankfurter and they elevate them in a way you’ve never seen before. Don’t miss a chance to try these gourmet hot dogs with toppings that range from cream cheese and peaches to pineapple and mango relish.

Head on over to these hot dog restaurants in Nashville:

  • I Dream of Weenie
  • Daddy’s Dogs
  • Cori’s DogHouse
  • The Donut + Dog



      Image by Matteo Orlandi from Pixabay

Whether you’re looking for a slice or a pie, Nashville has some delicious pizza. You can find Detroit style, New York style, Neapolitan… you name it! Whatever style or topping you’re craving, you can find it in Nashville.

Check out these pizza places in Nashville:

  • Emmy Squared
  • Night Train Pizza
  • Pastaria
  • NY Pie

Vegan and Vegetarian

If meat isn’t your thing, don’t fret! Nashville also has some great vegan and vegetarian options. These restaurants offer plant-based meals that are tasty and in most cases, locally sourced. Many also offer gluten-free options.

Here are some popular vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Nashville:

  • Graze
  • The Wild Cow
  • Woodlands
  • Vegan Vee Gluten-Free Bakery

Coffee Shops

Start your day in Nashville with a hot cup of joe. Or a cold cup, if that’s what you’d prefer. Nashville has everything you need to stay caffeinated while you explore. While you’re out getting your coffee, you might also pick up a pastry to go with it!

Check out these Nashville coffee shops:

  • Frothy Monkey
  • Mewsic Kitty Cafe
  • Steadfast Coffee
  • 8th & Roast

Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, and Cideries

Nashville may be known for its music and food, but its spirits should be celebrated as well. Whiskey distilleries are popular, but there are also wineries, breweries, and even cideries in Nashville.

Did you know the Jack Daniel Distillery is the oldest registered distillery in the United States? Even if you’re not a whiskey fan, I recommend taking a tour for its historic value. There are also tours available in multiple wineries and breweries around Nashville.

These are some of the locations we recommend you visit:

  • Jack Daniel Distillery
  • Arrington Vineyards and Winery
  • Yee-Haw Brewing
  • Diskin Cider

Culinary Experiences and Events

Apart from going to restaurants, cafes, and bars, there are still other ways to experience food in Nashville. You can take a cooking class. You can take a food tour. You can attend a dinner theater show. And you can go to any of the food festivals that occur throughout the year that showcase the city’s food scene.

Below are some of the best food experiences and events in Nashville:

  • Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre
  • Dabble Studio Cooking Class
  • Nashville Food Adventures
  • Nashville Restaurant Week in January


As you can see, Nashville has an amazing food scene. From plant-based meals to gourmet hot dogs and from locally roasted coffee to fresh-pressed apple ciders, Nashville food and drinks do not disappoint.







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