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Why buying an expensive Galaxy S20 right now could be a bad idea

According to the team at SamMobile, the new entry-level S20 is currently being referred to as the S20 Fan Edition although it’s unclear if this is what it will actually be named once released.

There’s no word on full specs although some rumours suggest it will include a generous 128GB of internal storage, Android 10 out of the box and get last year’s fast Snapdragon 855 processor. That’s the same chip which powers some models of the premium Galaxy S10 and would certainly mean the S20 Fan Edition would be no slouch.

If Samsung follows the same pricing plans as last year the new phone could land in pockets for under £600 which would make it far more attractive than its pricier siblings. With Samsung staying tight-lipped about future releases it’s hard to know if, or when, the S20 Fan Edition will go on sale but we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it launched at some point in 2020.

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