Why Sanitation Stations Are Needed In The Workplace For Effective Infection Control

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Life this year has changed for a long time to come. The pandemic has changed everything for everyone and the world needs to adapt to this change. Workplaces have to adapt as well and need to bring in new policies for effective infection control.

One way to do this is by introducing a sanitation station in the workplace. Since work from home is not implemented by all companies, there needs to be an implementation of a better procedure so people can be safe.

Why Sanitation Stations Are Needed In The Workplace For Effective Infection Control


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What Is A Sanitation Station?

A sanitation station is not a new invention. It has been there for years but many people never utilized them because we haven’t felt the need until now. Their popularity began on the rise due to the pandemic.

The station is an effective yet simple solution for infection control. It ideally includes:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face Masks
  • Tissues
  • Disinfectant Sprays
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • PPE

Keeping one in the workplace will allow employees to have easy access to items that can keep them and the surrounding environment clean.

How Can Items From A Sanitation Station Be Utilized?

The domestic staff in the office can’t be cleaning the office again and again. This is why employees need to take some responsibility too for effective infection control. They can use the items from the sanitation station to clean the places they have used.

For example, they can utilize the disinfectant sprays to clean their desks once they are done using it at the end of the shift. This way if someone else comes for the next shift then the desk will be free of germs.

They can also utilize face masks to protect themselves and hand sanitizers to keep their hands clean at all times. It is not just enough for the workplace to set this up as employees will have to do their part too.


However, since people are now serious about their health more than ever they don’t mind fulfilling this moral obligation they have on themselves and other people.

infection control

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Where Can A Sanitation Station be Placed?

As an employer, it is important to understand the high traffic areas in your office. This is where a sanitation station should be placed for effective infection control. A good idea is to have a station at every entry and exit point, restrooms, lobbies, cafeterias, and public spaces.

Placing them in such areas will remind people of their responsibility and they will take a step to clean up after themselves once they are done using a certain space.

You can also place them in other areas depending on where your staff gathers the most. However, placing them at the entrance is something you should do regardless as it will remind people of their responsibility as soon they enter the workplace.

Benefits Of Having Sanitation Stations In The Workplace


If you are still thinking of whether you should include these stations in your workplace for effective infection control or not then here are some benefits to help you understand why it is a good decision:

#1. Cost-Effective

Public sanitization has become a way of life now. This is why a sanitation station is the most cost-effective solution one can find. They are affordable so employers can invest in many and keep them in different locations of their office.

You can choose from many options and go for one that seems the most affordable for you. Many companies have introduced cost-effective sanitation stations so there is a lot to choose from.

#2. Convenient

It is a convenient infection control solution for employees. It allows them to easily grab what they need to keep their workspace clean and free of any germs. Keeping one in every department or floor will allow employees to have easy access.

If it is convenient for them then they will be more eager to take the necessary steps required to keep themselves and others safe from infections.

#3. Provides Employees A Safe Environment


Not every business is being conducted from home. Many companies have opened back up so work can go on as everyone has taken a financial hit. However, people are still reluctant to go to offices as no one wants to get infected.

This is why employers should take the necessary steps to make their employees feel safe at the office. Doing so will encourage employees to come to work and will boost their productivity.

Employees will not feel worried or anxious as these sanitation stations will give them a chance to take their health into their own hands and do what is necessary to stay risk-free in the office.

#4. Encourages Hygienic Practices

Everyone should take the necessary steps to maintain hygiene in the workplace. Surprisingly, this was never important to businesses before the pandemic. However, now there is a need for these practices more than ever.

A sanitation station will encourage everyone to be more hygienic in the workplace. It will allow them to always stay clean and germ-free no matter what. This will create a healthy environment in the workplace as it will keep it free of many other diseases as well.

So, if you want to keep your workplace thriving and healthy then you need to introduce a sanitation station in high traffic areas. Doing this is just as important as providing your employees with the right tools such as laptops to do their work.

Final Words

Infection control has become a concern for this year. Since there is still not a sign of vaccine we need to take out health into our own hands and take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Workplaces should also take this seriously and implement new policies to keep the environment healthy and risk-free. A sanitation station is just the solution as it will make sanitizing items accessible to the employees that they can use to keep everything clean.

So, if you are an employer then introduce a sanitation station and see how well it works in boosting the morale of employees and keeping the workplace healthy.

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