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Wi-Fi warning: UK heatwave could BREAK your broadband but there's a simple way to fix it

With scorching temperatures of 37ºC being recorded at Heathrow Airport this week, it might seem we’re still a way off the heat required to cause issues for these routers. However, if you have your router placed near a window in direct sunlight or in the reflect of a mirror that catches the sunlight – you could find your internet access grinds to a halt.

Thankfully, it’s unlikely that this range will ever be exceeded if you keep your router in the shade, a cupboard, or away from direct sunlight. There are of course some very simple ways to fix this problem by making sure all of your Wi-Fi equipment, including routers and booster, are kept cool and away from direct heat sources, like the sweltering midday sun.

If your devices are too hot to touch, it could definitely be impacting the speeds of your internet access, so pop them somewhere cooler. Of course, there’s plenty of other things that can impact speeds and here’s some top tips for keeping your broadband speeds up to scratch

Source Daily Express :: Tech Feed

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