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Windows 10 users finally dealt some good news after string of bad luck

“Attackers use data corruption techniques to target system security policy, escalate privileges, tamper with security attestation, modify ‘initialise once’ data structures, among others.

“Kernel Data Protection is a new technology that prevents data corruption attacks by protecting parts of the Windows kernel and drivers through virtualisation-based security.

“KDP is a set of APIs that provide the ability to mark some kernel memory as read-only, preventing attackers from ever modifying protected memory.

“For example, we’ve seen attackers use signed but vulnerable drivers to attack policy data structures and install a malicious, unsigned driver.

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“KDP mitigates such attacks by ensuring that policy data structures cannot be tampered with.

“The concept of protecting kernel memory as read-only has valuable applications for the Windows kernel, inbox components, security products, and even third-party drivers like anti-cheat and digital rights management software.”

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