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Windows 10’s latest update will give you even more control over your PC

It seems Microsoft could soon let users uninstall iconic apps like Paint, WordPad and Notepad from Windows 10. The changes are expected to come in the tech giant’s first major update for Windows 10 that’s expected to land in the first-half of the year – codenamed 20H1. Paint, Notepad and WordPad have come pre-installed on Windows for over 25 years. In fact, Paint and Notepad came pre-installed on the first ever version of Windows that debuted all the way back in 1985. WordPad has come pre-installed on Windows from 1995 onwards.

So why has Microsoft waited until now to give users more control over these legacy apps? Well, an exact answer is unknown, but the move certainly means fans can have less apps cluttering their device if they desire.

As noted by WindowsLatest, Windows 10 20H1 will let users disable each of the apps in question and remove them from the Start Menu and other areas across the operating system.

Interestingly, the outlet said a system reboot is required to uninstall both Paint and WordPad, although it’s currently unclear why.

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Assuming Microsoft follows its typical release schedule, we could see Windows 10 20H1 land in April. That means you only have a few months to wait before you can remove Paint, Notepad and WordPad from your computer.

Of course, the ability to uninstall more apps from Windows 10 isn’t the headline act of Microsoft’s new 20H1 upgrade. In addition to giving users more freedom to remove apps they don’t want, the operating system will also upgrade Cortana, allow users to go passwordless and introduce a new tablet-style experience for 2-in-1 PCs.

The newest version of Windows 10 won’t require you to use your voice to take advantage of Microsoft’s chatty virtual assistant, Cortana. Instead, 20H1 will allow users to type questions and commands if they’re working in public or simply don’t want to use their voice.

Windows 10 20H1 also contains a feature that will allow users to “go passwordless”. As the name suggests, this will encourage users to steer clear of traditional combinations made up of letters, numbers and symbols in favour of Windows Hello Face, a fingerprint or a PIN.

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