Windows 10’s newest update is causing even more problems for Microsoft fans


Microsoft released its KB4517389 cumulative patch for Windows 10 earlier this week designed to beef up the security of user PCs.

In particular, the update focuses on upgrading the defences to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and also makes a number of changes to how usernames and passwords are verified.

Finally, it introduces updates that tweak how PCs store and manage files.

While the update certainly sounds great on paper, in reality it’s much more disappointing, at least according to some Windows 10 fans.

Some users that have installed the KB4517389 patch have since taken to Microsoft’s Community forum and Reddit to report problems they have experienced with Windows 10’s Start Menu ever since.

For anyone that isn’t aware, the Start Menu in Windows is one of the operating system’s fundamental pillars. It allows fans to access their array of programmes, system settings and much more.

According to some Windows 10 users, KB4517389 is causing a critical error to appear when using the Start Menu, effectively preventing them from using it properly.

Discussing the matter, one Microsoft fan said: “KB4524147 originally caused a critical error when using Start Menu AND it prevented my printer from printing. The latter was because of some mess up with the print spooler. I uninstalled KB4524147 and BOTH problems disappeared.

“This morning, I updated with KB4517389. The printer seems to work, BUT I receive a critical error when using the Start Menu.

“I suppose I need to uninstall KB4517389?”

Another posted: “Holy s*** they [Microsoft] are actually ignoring the Search and Start Menu issues.”

A third declared: “Broken Start Menu is both October 3, 2019—KB4524147 and October 8, 2019—KB4517389.

“I also removed September 26, 2019—KB4517211 because it broke Printing (which the above to supposedly fix).”

Microsoft has not yet acknowledged any problems with its KB4517389 patch. A post on the firm’s support page discussing the update says it’s “not currently aware of any issues”.

For the time being, it’s advised that anyone experiencing errors when attempting to use the Start Menu uninstall the KB4517389 update until a fix is released.


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