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Woman terrified after Ring camera captures ghostly figure lurking outside house

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A homeowner was left terrified when she rewatched her security camera to find a “ghost” peeking around the barn outside the house at night.

Reddit user Crazyturtlemama, from Washington, US, was convinced that it was a spirit lurking around the ranch and that even her horse was alerted to it.

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She wrote in a post: “Can you see in the beginning, the ghost in the upper right corner? Even the horse in the middle left by the tree turns to look at it.”

In the home security camera video she shared, a human-like figure appears to come out from behind the ranch and stays in the dark for a few seconds.

The woman said the figure emerged from the dark from behind the ranch and disappeared a few seconds later

It then vanishes into thin air when the horse, which is standing behind a tree, appears to look up to its left.

The user said no one was out at the property at that time of the night and the gates were locked

Some viewers said the figure appeared to be “translucent” from the CCTV.

“The more I look at this frame by frame, the more I think it’s an actual ghost. it even appears to be translucent at one point,” one said. “Wow this is intriguing. I’d love to see a daytime comparison video clip.”

Stock image of a ghostly figure
Stock image of a ghostly figure

Others were dubious about the paranormal sightings due to the grainy images captured on the camera.

Many believed the “ghost” could be a person who was coming out from a bush.

One said: “I think this is possibly more likely someone snooping around your property than an actual ghost. I can’t quite tell if there are bushes (or not) there but to me, looks like someone pushing themselves through a bush to get out.”

Another wrote: “That’s definitely odd. I would say it’s probably someone walking, but I don’t think that would explain how it just disappears after a few seconds.”

But the user adds: “It is a ranch away from everything. It is flat sandy dirt going into the barn, no bushes.

“No prints in the sand the next morning.”

Source:Daily Star – Weird News

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