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World War Z Gameplay: Left 4 Dead-inspired Shooter from Saber Interactive

World War Z gameplay

World War Z gameplay (Image: SABER)

PS4, Xbox One and PC comments continue to surface online with the World War Z release date having come and gone.
World War Z, influenced by Left 4 Dead, is a third-person co-op game in which players battle armies of mutated zombies.
Yet there’s good things for zombie shooter enthusiasts and disappointing things, as World War Z has received very mixed feedback so far. The game is given an outstanding 8/10 by MSPoweruser, defining it as a exciting shooter with excellent action and level design. “World War Z is an entertaining zombie game doing its hardest to mimic the impressive crowds depicted in their movie depiction,” read the article.
“When you equate the two side by side, it doesn’t really get too similar so it almost accurately emulates the sensation of fear.” With great combat and some decent level design, this is the generation’s zombie co-op game. I really wish there were more flights reads.
“Mankind is on the verge of destruction,” the main blurb of World War Z says. “The zombie plague begins to grow from New York to Moscow and Jerusalem. When the end is approaching, a few seasoned join together to fight the horde and escape the buried.
Thanks to the specially designed “Swarm” engine of the game, at any given moment 500 zombies will appear on the computer.

The co-op campaign would send players to Beijing, Osaka, Jerusalem and New York, with additional maps set to be included after launch.

World War Z also features a number of games for the player-vs-player-vs-zombies.
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