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Xbox Family Settings App is a great new Android and iOS gaming tool

While there have always been ways to monitor your child’s usage on Xbox One consoles, Microsoft is now making it easier to manage them from your phone. The new Xbox Family Settings App is now in Preview testing and will be available to download on Android and iOS devices. This will make it much easier to access core Xbox settings from a mobile phone, allowing you to limit screen time and monitor who your child is interacting with.

Not all features are available on the Xbox Family Settings App today, but more are coming before it has its full launch.

This will include being able to view and manage their child’s friends list and approve or decline requests to add new friends via notifications sent to the app.

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The new app has been released during a time in which the general population around the world are spending a lot more time in front of screens as they enforce social-distancing due to COVID-19.

A message from Microsoft explains some of the goals behind the new Android and iOS App, adding:

“We know that especially right now, families are facing new challenges in the wake of school closures, working from home and social distancing due to COVID-19.

“In my own family, we’ve had to navigate this “new normal,” and how our existing rules for screen time might need to be adjusted to better reflect our reality.

“With the Xbox Family Settings app (Preview), parents can easily relax screen time on Xbox so kids have more time to play, or create a new schedule to help balance time for remote learning.

“We believe that especially now, gaming plays an important role to help connect friends and family and have fun while staying home. The app makes it easy to find the right balance of gaming time that feels right for your family.”

The Xbox Family Settings app (Preview) is available now for all Android users and the first 10,000 people on iOS to test in preview.

A message from Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President in Xbox Operations adds: “Safety is a huge priority at Xbox, and we’ve worked for years to offer families tools to find the right balance of gaming in their lives and to fit their unique needs.

“Family settings on Xbox include more than 20 customizable features to help parents set screen time limits, set content filters and manage who their children can play and communicate with.

“This provides parents with the choice and flexibility to decide what settings are right for their children.

“Today, I’m excited to announce an update in our safety offerings: the Xbox Family Settings app, available now in preview on Android and iOS, which makes it easy to manage family settings from anywhere.

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