Home Entertainment Xbox Game Pass is getting xCloud streaming alongside Project Scarlett console

Xbox Game Pass is getting xCloud streaming alongside Project Scarlett console

Xbox Game Pass is getting xCloud streaming alongside Project Scarlett console 1

Xbox Game Pass will have access to xCloud streaming services in 2020, and most likely ahead of the launch of the Project Scarlett console.

That according to Microsoft, who revealed plenty of news about the service during X019.

This included a big update concerning how the tech giant plans to use their xCloud streaming service in the future.

Project xCloud is still in the preview stage of development and has plenty to do and improve upon in 2020.

But from what Microsoft announced today, it sounds like Xbox Game Pass users will be able to access the library from their phones.

“Next year, we will bring game streaming to Xbox Game Pass, so that you are free to discover and play anywhere and everywhere,” xCloud General Manager Catherine Gluckstein revealed during X019.

Making it possible to stream games from Xbox Game Pass to your phone would essentially remove the need for Project Scarlett consoles in the future.

That’s not to say that Microsoft is planning on killing off their powerful gaming machine.

It will just provide another incentive for fans to subscribe to the Microsoft service in the future.

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And it will also make it possible for gamers who don’t want to spend big on hardware to enjoy games from Xbox.

The one thing missing from this statement is whether xCloud streaming via Xbox Game Pass will be free, or require an extra payment.

Will Microsoft provide another tier to their Pass service? Or will they use free xCloud streaming to help smash their rivals?

It’s hard to say for now what the plan is, but it certainly puts the Xbox Scarlett console in the shade, at least for now.

Here’s more news concerning Xbox Game Pass and xCloud as confirmed today by Microsoft:

“We believe in the freedom to play and the freedom to choose. In 2020 we will enable gamers to stream from the cloud Xbox games that they already own or will purchase.

“We will also add game streaming from the cloud to Xbox Game Pass. Gamers will be free to discover, choose, and play their favourite games anywhere and everywhere.”

Microsoft’s aggressive expansion of the Game Pass also expands to offer more content from third-party developers. And again, this would be another boost for Xcloud against its new rival, Google Stadia.

Google Stadia will be launching later this month but will boast a limited line up of games. So Game Pass and existing Xbox Digital Libraries will certainly make Microsoft look strong.

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“Content is key for a great game streaming experience,” Microsoft adds.

“With nearly two decades in the console space, we have developed strong relationships with creative partners across the industry who produce a wide variety of games.

“We also have 17 first-party studios continuing to create amazing games. It’s our fundamental belief that this content is available for gamers to play when and how they choose.

“We’re excited to say that we’re adding more than 50 new titles from over 25 of our valued partners.

“Games such as “Madden NFL 20”, “Devil May Cry 5,” and “Tekken 7” are now in the Preview library. Check out the full list of titles here.

“This is another step in the journey, and we will continue to add more games over time.”

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