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Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X: Price isn’t the only big difference

UPDATE: Microsoft has now confirmed the Xbox Series S alongside the Xbox Series X, without mentioning the official release date (rumoured to be November 10) for either console.

However, they have confirmed the price, set at $ 299 for the Xbox Series S, and that it will be the smallest Microsoft console ever.

Unofficial reports regarding the differences between the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PS5 can be found below.

ORIGINAL: Even before Microsoft has had time to officially announce its existence, the Xbox Series S has leaked in a big way.

And from the early reports, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are going to be very different.

Based on the new information being shared today, the Xbox Series S price could be set at around $ 299.

This would make it the cheapest known next-gen console, with the PS5 unlikely to be priced anywhere near that low.

Meanwhile, according to the same leak, the Xbox Series X will cost around $ 499 to purchase later in 2020.

According to Windows Central, both consoles will be released on November 10, 2020, although this new information has not been shared yet by Microsoft.

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So everything listed so far should be taken with a pinch of salt until we hear more from Microsoft.

This latest leak has raised a number of questions regarding Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X, and which will be be the best console to buy.

One of the big differences other than price to know about, is that that the Xbox Series S is rumoured to be a lot less powerful than the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series S is expected to be closer to the power of the current Xbox One X, with the Windows Central report adding:

“The Xbox Series S is small enough to fit inside an Xbox Series X, and we expect it to be around 4TF RDNA2, making it roughly around as powerful as the Xbox One X, perhaps geared towards 1080p monitors with better frame rates.”

As revealed in a series of leaks online, the Xbox Series S is expected to be a white console that’s much smaller than the base Xbox Series X.

It will also come with some kind of circular vent on its side, but it’s unclear at this time if it will ship with, or without, a disc drive.

The pricing suggests it will, however, Microsoft will need to provide more information on the subject.

Meanwhile, Sony has yet to share any information on its PS5 pricing plan, only confirming that there will be a digital-only version of the console.

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Rumours of a less powerful Xbox console launching the same year as the Xbox Series X have been doing the rounds for some time.

However, Microsoft has only ever officially spoken about launching one console, and focusing entirely on that project alongside its new streaming platform, Project xCloud.

Source:Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

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