Home Tech Your Sky TV box gets a blockbuster upgrade from today and here's...

Your Sky TV box gets a blockbuster upgrade from today and here’s what’s changed

Your Sky TV box gets a blockbuster upgrade from today and here's what's changed

Your Sky box is getting a blockbuster update this week. The satellite TV firm is releasing some big changes for customers with the latest Sky Q boxes installed in their homes including a new look and plenty of bonus features.

Perhaps the most exciting change is an expanded view on the homepage which will show more of the content Sky thinks you love.

This means more TV, film, online video, podcast, music and games recommendations on your home screen, and less time searching for what you want.

Sky says that each programme now has a show centre, a go-to destination for every single available episode. All seasons, episodes, recordings, broadcast schedules and on-demand links are now placed together in one area for the first time. This should make it far easier to binge on content and will end the nightmare of searching through endless menus to find more episodes of your favourite shows.

Sky has also included a new smart button that gets you to the episode you want more quickly. So, if you’re halfway through an episode of Gangs of London, it’ll say ‘continue ep. 3’, or if you’ve just finished, it’ll suggest you start the next episode. The smart button will switch between Continue, Delete, Watch from the Start, or Play the next episode – all based on what you watched last.

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Along with the redesign, there’s now better voice search which should help you find content more quickly via speech.

When you now talk into to your remote, Sky Q’s advanced voice search has got more intuitive, letting you ask for themes and genres, alongside actors. Saying “thrillers with Nicole Kidman” will bring up relevant suggestions of what to watch. You’ll soon be able to ask for entertainment themes too, such as ‘new shows’, ‘Halloween’ or ‘Christmas’.

Sports fans also get an upgrade allowing them to simply say ‘football’ into the voice remote and then see a page that brings together live and on demand football content from all channels and apps.

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Finally, following the launch of High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Sky Q earlier this year, Disney+ is now available in this stunning format straight from the Sky Q box.

Most other platforms such as Samsung TVs and Apple TV had this from launch so it’s nice to see Sky joining the party.

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