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YouTube Star Tré Melvin Hospitalized After ‘Severe’ Car Accident & Suffering ‘Brain Injuries’

Tré Melvin, who recently parted ways with YouTube, horrified fans with news of his ‘severe auto collision’ on June 23. The current status of the famed Internet personality was revealed in a statement.

Tré Melvin, a 27-year-old Internet personality who grew an immense following on YouTube, sadly suffered a car accident on June 22. “Early Monday morning, Tré was involved in a severe auto collision with his friend Kathereya. Both are currently hospitalized and have suffered brain injuries. While Tré is stable, Kathy is unresponsive,” read a statement on Tré’s Twitter, shared on June 23.

“Their families ask that you please send prayers, blessings, and positive vibrations their way. They will come out of this stronger and more powerful. So it is,” the statement added. Respecting this request, terrified fans sent their love on social media. “Tre I love you so much. We all deeply love and care about you. You and Kathy are in my prayers,” one fan tweeted, and another wrote, “Sending prayers and healing vibes [heart emojis].”

Tré’s friends also took to Twitter with their well-wishes. “Love you so much man… You both will overcome. Praying for you,” musical artist Zé Taylor tweeted, and YouTube star Alli Fitz wrote, “love u and praying for u both.”

Tré Melvin
Tré Melvin is a former YouTube star, who boasts 596,000 followers on Instagram. (Shutterstock)

News of Tré’s alarming collision comes not long after he said farewell to YouTube to build his own video platform. “I will no longer allow the platform to censor my pain. i will no longer allow the platform to demonetize my pain. i will no longer sit at a table both my blackness and my queerness have never truly been welcome at. i will build my own,” Tré revealed in a tweet on May 29. Thus, Tré Melvin TV was created, featuring a variety of parody and comedy videos.

tremelvin.tv is my newest child. it is an ad-free, paid subscription service, with a 7-day free trial. effective immediately, my content is no longer streamable via youtube. i will elaborate + make an official announcement (via youtube) soon,” Tré further explained on Twitter. 

Before getting into a car collision, Tré last posted on social media on Father’s Day (June 21). He penned a tribute to his father, Edward Lee Melvin Junior, and borrowed a quote from his dad that can be applied to this scary situation that Tré is now facing: “he’s always said to me ‘you are me, but stronger.’ i never quite understood. i am beginning to.”

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