Yellowstone actor passes out water filters

Star appeal and crisis relief drew a crowd to The Original Roadhouse in East Palestine Friday morning as Luke Grimes, who stars in the television series Yellowstone on Paramount+, handed out free water filtration systems to East Palestine residents. It took Grimes, a Dayton native,… Read Full Article Here Source link


Top 5 Web3 Cryptos

The cryptocurrency industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and web3 cryptos are gaining even more traction. Web3 is a decentralized, open-source platform for developing distributed applications (dApps) that use blockchain technology. The combination of blockchain and dApp… Read Full Article Here Source link


DVLA urged to change driving tests to accommodate electric cars

“With a shift towards EVs already taking place in the UK, such as the £1.6billion Government commitment to revolutionise the electric vehicle industry, it makes sense for a greater number of learner drivers to start using EVs. “Of course, the lack of EV driving instructors is an issue… Read Full Article Here Express UK


Furious John Wayne blasted biggest Hollywood rival’s ‘degrading’

John Wayne was as fierce and formidable off-screen as he was on, virulently and vocally leading the Hollywood charge against suspected communists and anyone he felt tarnished the sacred spirit of ‘All-American’ values. He famously turned down films from Steven Spielberg to Clint Eastwood because… Read Full Article Here Express UK


Great Expectations star lost 22lbs to land coveted BBC role

Steven Knight’s adaptation of the Charles Dickens’ classic Great Expectations burst onto screens last weekend. The cast for the BBC series includes The Crown’s Olivia Colman as spinster Miss Havisham and Johnny Harris as convict Abel Magwitch. The latter has opened up about losing a considerable… Read Full Article Here Express UK

Life Style

Vani Bhojan Reveals The Truth About Her Relationship With Jai;

Actress Vani Bhojan has given an explanation for the first time about the information that was spread about her live-in relationship with actor Jai on social media. Vani Bhojan is famous for acting in small screen serials. She is currently acting as a heroine in films. In that way, her web series… Read Full Article […]


Changemakers: Lessons from the 25-year journey of Environment

Leo Saldanha and Bhargavi S Rao, trustees of Environment Support Group (ESG), will be in conversation with senior reporter, Bhanu Sridharan. Pic courtesy: ESG Citizen Matters, Bengaluru, is gearing up for an exciting conversation with the Environment Support Group (ESG) as they turn 25 this… Read Full Article Here Source link


Lament of the Tennis Ball

Well, well, well. Look at you, kid. Pickleball—the new hot game in town. Feels good, doesn’t it? Having your name on everyone’s lips? I remember when the only thing folks talked about was tennis. The non-stop buzz, the magazine articles, the red-carpet interviews. “Tennis Ball! I love… Read Full Article Here Source link


Dores Roll Past Tide

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Vanderbilt men’s tennis started off the weekend hot with a 6-1 victory over No. 52 Alabama.  The Dores picked up the doubles point before winning 5 straight singles courts to clinch the match. Doubles DominationThe Dores continued their season success in doubles… Read Full Article Here Source link


Know These Business Benefits to Creating Customer Avatars

Who is your ideal customer? This is a question every business owner needs to ask themselves, but too often they don’t bother — or worse — they answer with, “everyone.” The problem with this is your customer can’t be everyone, nor can you… Read Full Article Here Source link