Britain’s shame as our GPs come bottom for time spent with

British GPs have the joint shortest appointments of all family doctors quizzed in ten high-income countries. The poll found GPs in the UK and Germany reported an average consultation length of just 10 minutes.  Doctors in Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands and New Zealand got at least 15 minutes. Those in Switzerland and the US […]

Life Style

Fans fawn over Meghan and say she’s ‘THE most stylish royal’

Meghan Markle is known for her simple yet put-together looks. Now a fashion expert has explained what makes the royal’s style so “timeless”. By analysing different outfits, a fashion expert has explained Meghan’s looks and why they work so well. Madison Jade is a fashion expert from Los… Read Full Article Here Express UK


Hidden ITVX code unlocks extra premium content for a much cheaper

If you were on the fence about paying for ITVX’s premium tier subscription, the streaming service has rolled out a new discount that could convince you to make the plunge. A new discount code has been found, which slashes the cost of ITVX’s premier tier for ten months, saving you a total of… Read Full […]


Halle Bailey Says The Racist Backlash Towards Her “Little

“Seeing the world’s reaction to it was definitely a shock.” View Entire Post › Read Full Article Here Buzzfeed


ISIS ‘Beatle’ loses sanity assessment, moved to Colo. supermax

Arab News DUBAI — A member of a Deash cell known as “The Beatles” faces dying alone in an American prison, described by an ex-warden as a “place not designed for humanity,” after his appeal… Read Full Article Here Source link


NVIDIA Redefines Workstations to Power New Era of AI, Design,

Global System Builders Tap Into Performance of NVIDIA RTX Ada GPUs and SmartNICs for Next-Generation Laptop and Desktop Workstations SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GTC — NVIDIA today announced six new NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace architecture GPUs for… Read Full Article Here Source link


Scots in stitches as man confused by dialect wants ‘Noddy bus

A visitor to Glasgow left locals in stitches after asking if his friend was winding him up by suggesting he needed to ask for a “Noddy bus ticket”. On Sunday a thread appeared on the r/Scotland channel on Reddit in which a site user asked the community if they had ever heard of the… Read Full Article […]


Parents livid after son baptised in paddling pool without

A 13-year-old boy was baptised without his parents’ consent having been lured by burgers and lollies, it has been claimed. Mother Jesse Brown and her partner Luke said they were “shocked and upset” when their son came home saying he has been baptised in a paddling pool. Ms Brown said: “He walked… Read Full Article […]


Santander launches new range of ISAs with competitive interest

Santander fixed rate ISAs To open the One Year, 18-Month, or Two Year Fixed Rate ISA, savers must also deposit at least £500. Interest is calculated daily and paid annually or at maturity, and the maximum balance at any time is £2million. Unlike the eISA, partial withdrawals aren’t allowed…. Read Full Article Here Express UK


Montana lawmakers consider boosting tax breaks for film

The 2019 MEDIA Act offered up to $10 million per year in tax credits for movies and TV shows that shoot in Montana. The act was designed to entice productions to the state, such as Paramount’s hit TV series “Yellowstone,” which moved filming to… Read Full Article Here Source link