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Rosemary Conley: How I cured my arthritis – Diet expert reveals staggering story

Rosemary, 71, suffers from osteoarthritis, a common form of arthritis which occurs when the cartilage – the cushioning at the end of the bones – rubs together, resulting in pain… Read more »

Swollen ankles can be warning sign of oedema – Dr Chris recommends how to treat condition

Swollen ankles and feet are a symptom of oedema which is a condition where fluid builds up in the body. This then causes tissue to become swollen, and while this… Read more »

Hospitals Take Aim At ‘The Greatest Health Threat Of The 21st Century’

This story was produced and originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. One of the larger themes at this week’s massive Global… Read more »

Iron deficiency symptoms: Eight signs you need to up your intake and take supplements

Iron deficiency, medically referred to as iron deficiency anaemia, is caused by lack of iron. This can lead to lack of adequate healthy red blood cells in the body. The… Read more »

Chelsea Clinton: Reversing Abortion Rights Would Be ‘Un-Christian’

Speaking last week on a radio program about the Supreme Court’s landmark abortion rights decision Roe v. Wade, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton said it would be “un-Christian” to take… Read more »