fbpx The Power Of Directional Audio

The Power Of Directional Audio

As tech moves into more unconventional environments, it might be nice to know that traditional speakers are still being used, but the function is being adapted in ways to maximise functionality. Right now, directional audio is growing in popularity and has a host of benefits across a range of niches.

What is directional audio?

When sound travels from speakers, it is projected to fill spaces of any size. While traditional solutions are doing just that, it’s becoming more and prevalent that there are some drawbacks, especially in specific situations.

Directional audio is now stepping into the fray, to bring more precise sound solutions when necessary. Users will be able to create sound zones that can be directed exactly where they need to be, for the optimum sound levels even in difficult or challenging areas. Discover the applications here.

Where will directional audio be useful?

Retail implementation

Stores in every sector and of any size can benefit from minimising unpleasant noise and directing sound to specific areas. Recent installations in supermarkets are showing huge benefits – with both customer and employee satisfaction rates being on the rise.

Kiosk solutions

Kiosks are often found in banks and similar institutions where private information is accessed. These can benefit more from directional speakers than many of the other applications out there as sound can be localised without too much reach, kiosks become much more functional and audio is clearer and more defined.

Trade shows and exhibitions

It’s no secret that trade shoes have a lot of noise going on both localised and in the background. With people, booths and tannoys and more, having focused audio solutions can be much more viable without isolating consumers with headphones.

Video Gaming

Gaming is one of the biggest sectors for innovation and directional speakers can be a great idea when interactive games are being considered. Users will have the ability to hear their own gameplay clearly, without being disturbed by (or disturbing) the player alongside them. Headphones are the preferred alternative to traditional speakers in these scenarios, but these have faults that directional audio can negate (often relating to hygiene and lessening damage potential).

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