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How to keep cool in heatwave: Dr Nighat shares the most important tip to stop overheating

Soaring temperatures are a deadly threat, namely because people do not appreciate just how dangerous prolonged sun it can be. Sudden deaths often shoot up in places that experience abnormally high heat levels. It is therefore paramount to take precautionary measures, even in the UK. According to Doctor Nighat, one of the most important tips is to think carefully about the time of day you do certain activities.

“The hottest time will be around midday so try not to be out in the sun,” she warned on the BBC.

The problem could be compounded if you go out at this time and do high-intensive activities, such as running, noted Doctor Nighat.

What else does Doctor Nighat advise?

Keep a watchful eye on those most at risk of overheating in the sun, she advised.

High-risk groups include children, elderly, pregnant people, those with underlying heart conditions and cardiovascular problems.

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A handy tip to bear in mind throughout the day is to look at where the sun is hitting you, she added.

What about staying cool at night?

Sleep is an ambitious prospect during unseasonably high temperatures but there are some workarounds.

According to Doctor Nighat, wearing cool clothes at nighttime can help the body to regulate temperatures.

It also worth keep a jug of water by your bedside and applying wet flannels, she added.

How to spot heat exhaustion

According to the NHS, heat exhaustion is not usually serious if you can cool down within 30 minutes.

“If it turns into heatstroke, it needs to be treated as an emergency,” warns the health body.

It is therefore paramount to stay alert to the signs of heat exhaustion to stave off the risk of heatstroke.

The signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • A headache
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Loss of appetite and feeling sick
  • Excessive sweating and pale, clammy skin
  • Cramps in the arms, legs and stomach
  • Fast breathing or pulse
  • A high temperature of 38C or above
  • Being very thirsty.

Heatstroke – how it is established

According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s usually apparent to doctors if you have heatstroke.

However, “laboratory tests can confirm the diagnosis, rule out other causes for your symptoms and assess organ damage”, explains the health body.

These tests include rectal temperature to check your core body temperature, it notes.

“A rectal temperature is the most accurate way of determining your core body temperature and is more accurate than mouth or forehead temperatures.”

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How to live longer: The single most important dietary item for longevity – major study

A comprehensive study called Food Habits in Later Life, conducted under guidance of the Union of Nutritional Sciences and the World Health Organization, found a consistent association between legume consumption and longer life expectancy.

The study examined the nutritional and health problems of an elderly cohort from 13 communities in six countries.

It examined individual food groups — vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts, cereals, dairy, meat, fish, alcohol, and monounsaturated/saturated fat ratios – as predictors of mortality among people aged 70 and over.

Health-related data were obtained from a total of 2,013 individuals who participated in this cross-cultural, multi-centre study.

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Virgin Media O2 tests a very important change to its full-fibre broadband rollout

Virgin Media O2 is testing its ability to recycle materials when rolling out its full-fibre broadband in Glasgow, Scotland. The latest trial saw aggregate materials, which are “basic” building materials and include rock, clay, silts, gravel, limestone and the like, re-used after the latest generation of broadband installed in the Cranhill area of the city.

Fresh off their multi-billion merger, Virgin Media O2 has some lofty goals when it comes to upgrading the vast number of homes across the UK to future-proofed broadband. The paid-for telly and internet firm plans to have 16 million premises under its belt by the end of the year. With that many connections, it’s hugely important to re-use and recycle as many materials as possible.

As it stands, Virgin Media O2 uses more than 100,000 tonnes of aggregate materials each year as part of its full-fibre upgrade, known as Project Lightning. While these are usually sourced from local quarries to limit the impact, switching to recycled aggregate could save more than 450 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, Virgin Media O2 says.

Given that Virgin Media O2 doesn’t plan to slow down its full-fibre rollout anytime soon – and with millions across the country still struggling with slow broadband speeds – it’s great to see the company looking at cutting emissions.

Rob Evans, Managing Director of Fixed Network Expansion at Virgin Media O2, said: “In every area of our business, whether it’s through the design of our products, the way we operate, or the materials we use when we’re building new network, we’re constantly evolving to help in the fight against climate change. This trial shows our commitment to doing things differently and reducing our environmental impact as we bring gigabit services to more homes and businesses on the streets of Glasgow and help to upgrade the UK.”

This isn’t the only initiative designed to reduce the impact on the environment that we’ve seen from Virgin Media O2. The company has also started to install some of their fibre cables through existing underground ducts created by Openreach for infrastructure for BT, Sky, TalkTalk and other rivals.

This has also reduced environmental impact and the amount of materials used in these broadband upgrades.

For those baffled by arch-rivals like Virgin Media and BT’s Openreach teaming up like this …there’s talk that collaboration will become even closer, with Virgin Media O2 even set to invest in the rollout of Openreach’s next-generation fibre broadband. BT broadband customers could have rival Virgin Media to thank for their latest speed boost

Virgin Media O2 has already announced plans to invest £10 billion over the next five years to support the UK Government’s push to roll out superfast broadband to 85 percent of the country by 2025 (Prime Minister Boris Johnson watered down his original general election pledge to get 100 percent of the country connected with future-proofed fibre cables due to the costs). Should Virgin Media O2 hit its promise to reach 16 million homes this year, it will alone have completed two-thirds of the Government’s target already.

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End of Windows 10? Microsoft reveals an important date all users need to know

Microsoft is no stranger to ending support for its most popular operating systems with Windows 7 the last casualty of the upgrade programme.

Windows 7 updates were scrapped back in January 2019 with Microsoft no longer supporting this much-loved software.

As the firm explained at the time, “You can continue to use Windows 7, but after support has ended, your PC will become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

“Windows will continue to start and run, but you will no longer receive software updates, including security updates, from Microsoft.”

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Why every Google Photos user must do this one important thing TODAY

Prices for more space start from £1.59 per month for 100GB, £2.49 for 200GB or £7.99 for a whopping 2TB.

It’s worth noting that most images, once compressed are around 3MB in size. That means you should be able to store over 5,000 images on Google Photos before needing to pay for any extra storage.

Explaining more about the change, Google said: “From 1 June 2021, high-quality and express-quality content will count towards your Google Account storage. Once you’ve reached your storage limit, you can either subscribe to Google One (where available) for additional storage or delete content in order to continue with the free storage option in Photos.”

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Tesco issues warning to shoppers after woman raises important issue

Tesco regularly updates its customers with its shopping rules online which include shopping alone, practising social distancing and wearing a face covering while in store. The supermarket giant has responded to concerns over customers not social distancing while picking up groceries.
One shopper spoke about how they felt “unsafe” while shopping in store, due to other shoppers not practising social distancing.

The woman wrote on Twitter: “What are your guidelines for handling customers who won’t socially distance?

“Yesterday, a woman kept moving within two meters of me…I appreciate the tannoys & signage. What does Tesco recommend customers do in this kind of situation, when they’re made to feel unsafe because of another customer’s behaviour?”

Although lockdown restrictions are easing around the country, supermarket rules remain in place and customers should continue to adhere to them.

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In many stores, there is also a one-in, one-out policy to help allow customers in store to practise social distancing.

Tesco said: “We continue to limit the number of people in our stores and we have a ‘one-in, one-out’ system in place to ensure social distancing.”

This is also monitored through the supermarket’s traffic light system which monitors customer numbers entering and exiting the store.

However, the supermarket giant did recently remove its one-way system in stores.

Tesco explained: “We’ve been listening to customer feedback and looking at how our social distancing measures are working.

“We decided to remove the one-way system in stores to reduce the bottlenecks they cause – which can have the knock-on effect of keeping customers in-store for longer.

“But we’re continually monitoring the situation and will make any necessary changes, while keeping the safety of our customers and colleagues in mind.”

For those who prefer ordering their groceries online, Tesco has increased the number of slots available throughout the pandemic after the demand for home delivery.

It also scrapped ‘cheap’ delivery slots last year and replaced them with a flat rate of £4.50 for deliveries at any time, while previously customers would pay anything between £2 and £7.

It has also introduced its Delivery Savers scheme where shoppers can pay a monthly fee of £7.99 to get unlimited grocery deliveries.

Supermarkets have regularly updated shopping rules in line with Government guidance. 

Rules are enforced to help maintain social distancing and keep customers and colleagues safe.

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Hot showers: Are they good for you? Doctors issue important health warning

Everyone loves a hot shower or bath. It’s a nice way to relax and also offers some health benefits. According to one study, one hour of soaking in a hot bath burned as many calories as half an hour of walking. The same study found when participants took a hot bath, their peak blood sugar after eating was around 10 percent lower than when they exercised instead.
Hot showers can also provide relief from cold or respiratory symptoms, help with skin blemishes and aid sleep.

But hot showers can also have a negative impact on our health, particularly when it comes to our skin.

Cosmetic doctor Dr Rekha Tailor of Health & Aesthetics httpss://www.healthandaesthetics.co.uk told Express Health: “Shorter cooler showers are better for your skin, this is because using water that’s too hot can have a negative impact on the skin.

“Hot water causes damage to the keratin cells that are located on the outer layer of the skin, or epidermis.

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“Higher temperatures cause skin to dry out and aggravate skin conditions such as eczema, often resulting in red, itchy and dry skin.”

Dr Sasha Dhoat, consultant dermatologist at Stratum Clinics, added: “Avoid over-showering, or showering in water that is too hot, which can dry skin and cause inflammation.

“The top layer of the skin, the epidermis, has the vital function of the skins’ barrier; your body’s first defence to the outside world.

“You can think of this a brick wall, preventing moisture loss and keeping out external aggressors, such as chemical irritants and infections.”


Dr Dhoat also recommends showering for no more than 10 minutes.

“There is no magic number for optimal shower time but 5-10 minutes would be a good ball-park guide,” she said.

“For patients who have issues with their skin barrier anyway e.g., those that suffer from eczema, I would suggest the shortest time possible, get clean and get out. Longer than 15 minutes is overdoing it for anyone.”

Some other showering tips from Dr Dhoat: “Over-aggressive skin cleansing, or over-zealous exfoliation in a bid for glowing, clean skin is, in fact, an act of self-sabotage, damaging this brick wall.

“If your skin is red, flaky, dry or sensitise after washing, it’s pleading with you to dial down your routine.

“This will especially be the case if the skin’s brick wall may be already compromised, for example in ageing skin, ultraviolet light damage or skin disorders such as eczema.”

Dr Adam Friedmann of Stratum Clinics lists some other shower mistakes that might not be great for our skin:

1. Avoid irritants in the shower –  if your skin is starting to feel dry and itchy, swap your usual soap or shower gel for a mild soap substitute and fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products. Ordinary soaps and shower gels tend to remove the natural oils from the skin that keep it healthy.

2. Don’t skip the moisturiser after a shower – everyone should moisturise at least once a day to keep skin protected and hydrated. It is especially important if you have dry skin or a condition like eczema but using a non-comedogenic moisturiser is still important if you have greasy or spot-prone skin. After a shower, water evaporates off your skin quickly, which can leave your skin feeling dry, so moisturise when the skin is still slightly damp as moisturisers work best when skin is already hydrated

3. To keep the skin hydrated simply pat the skin dry after a shower rather than vigorously towelling off

4. Temperature control – any increase in temperature will normally increase blood flow to the surface of the skin and make everything look markedly redder. So, if you’ve noticed that your skin is very red after a shower, the temperature is too high. If you suffer with dry skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, warm water is best as hot water can inflame the skin and make skin conditions worse. I’d also recommend avoiding hot showers after exercise as this sudden change in body temperature can lead to itching

5. Keep showers short as the skin can get irritated if kept in the water for too long

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Sonos releases important upgrade and new features to some of its speakers

If you own either of these speakers then you’ll find the updates in the Sonos app. It’s also worth noting that if you switch on auto-updates the changes will happen overnight so you don’t have to touch a thing.

To turn this function on, simply head to the app and tap System. Then scroll down to System Updates and tap the Update Automatically button.

Along with this upgrade to some of its speakers, Sonos has also announced some new music coming to its Radio subscription service.

Sonos says that it’s excited to share the launch of The Chemical Brothers’ new Psychetronik Mix – available on Radio Chemical, an exclusive station curated by The Chemical Brothers on Sonos Radio HD from 11th May.

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