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The ‘top’ three symptoms of coronavirus now being reported – ‘spread the word’

Coronavirus has found a formidable foe in the vaccines that are currently deployed against it – the odds of ending up in hospital with a severe form of the disease are much slimmer now thanks to the two-shot regimen. However, it is still possible to catch coronavirus if you are jabbed and the symptoms can be unpleasant. Unfortunately, public health messaging does not adequately reflect what’s happening on the ground, according to Tim Spector OBE, lead scientist on the ZOE COVID Study app and Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London.

He continued: “It seems unlikely that the government is going to change the official list anytime soon, so we are calling on people to spread the word.”

Professor Spector advises getting a lateral flow test if you feel ill and if you test positive, confirm it with a PCR test.

“It’s simple, if you feel ill, take a test. Let’s all try to do our bit to keep our freedom without unnecessarily condemning thousands more young people to Long Covid.”

According to the NHS, you and anyone you live with should stay at home and not have visitors until you get your test result – only leave your home to have a test.

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The threat of long Covid

Coronavirus may be steadily in retreat but cases of Long Covid appear to be proliferating at an alarming rate.

This is calculated by using the estimated number of daily new cases from ZOE and the rates of Long Covid from the latest research on risk factors for Long Covid and adjusting for age differences.

The latest survey figures were based on data from 9,146 recent swab tests done between June 19 and July 4, 2021.

The data excludes lateral flow tests.

“Contact a GP if you’re worried about symptoms four weeks or more after having COVID-19,” explains the NHS.

According to the health body, your doctor will ask about your symptoms and the impact they’re having on your life.

“They may suggest some tests to find out more about your symptoms and rule out other things that could be causing them.”

These might include:

  • Blood tests
  • Checking your blood pressure and heart rate
  • A chest X-ray.

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There’s a new word that breaks ALL iPhones, and this time there’s no fix

Be careful what name you use for your Wi-Fi. A researcher has identified a certain string of characters that, when used for a Wi-Fi network name, will completely disable your iPhone’s ability to connect to the web. The revelation comes a few short weeks after another similar Wi-Fi name capable of triggering the bizarre bug was revealed. However, this latest bug is more annoying as there is currently no fix for the Wi-Fi disabling glitch.

In fact, the same researcher uncovered both Wi-FI network names. Both of these completely wreck your iPhone’s ability to connect to the internet. After you connect to the network, your iPhone will immediately reboot itself. When it’s back on, the Wi-Fi toggle in the Settings menu will be switched to “off” and you’ll be left unable to switch it back on. Tapping the icon works for a second – before it immediately reverts back to the “off” position.

Not only will you be restricted to mobile internet, but since your Wi-Fi is disabled, you’ll lose a number of useful iPhone features, including AirDrop and AirPlay.

Security researcher Carl Schou shared his finding on Twitter, posting that if an iPhone comes into range of a Wi-Fi network named %secretclub%power, you’ll lose the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, stream music over AirPlay, and more. Worse still, the latest bug is even more damaging than the previous discovery by Schou.

While the first Wi-Fi name, %p%s%s%s%s%n, caused the iPhone to reboot and left it unable to connect to the internet… resetting the network settings usually fixed the bug. Of course, that’s an annoying process. Resetting network settings means you’ll need to enter all Wi-Fi network passwords again.

Author: Aaron Brown
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One word can break ANY iPhone and stop it connecting to the internet

If you own an iPhone, you need to be very careful what name you give your home Wi-Fi network. That’s because a security researcher has discovered that a bizarre bug inside iOS – the operating system that powers every iPhone model – can completely disable the smartphone’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi if the network has a certain name.

And when we say “completely disable”, we really mean it. If you use this name for your Wi-Fi network, your iPhone will reboot. When it’s turned back on, the Wi-Fi toggle in the Settings menu will be switched to “off” and you’ll be unable to switch it back on.

Not only will you be restricted to mobile internet, but since your Wi-Fi is disabled, you’ll lose a number of useful iPhone features, including AirDrop and AirPlay.

Security researcher Carl Schou was the first person to discover the quirky glitch. The name you can’t use for your Wi-Fi network is: %p%s%s%s%s%n.

Schuo has not revealed how he figured out the baffling bug. However, Apple-centric blog 9To5Mac claims that the string is causing a memory corruption – which triggers a safety procedure built into iOS to kill the entire process. Unfortunately, while that does end the memory corruption, it also disables Wi-Fi for good.

Unless you live with the sort of prankster who thinks this would be a fun thing to do… it does seem unlikely that you’ll run across this very often. We’re sure Apple will be working on a fix for this, but in the meantime, it’s worth swerving any Wi-Fi networks with % symbols in their name.

If you’ve already made the mistake, don’t worry, the bug doesn’t seem to permanently damage your iPhone. It is possible to bring back Wi-Fi on your handset, but you’ll need to reset all of your network settings, which means joining all of your Wi-Fi networks again (so you’ll need to remember those all-important passwords), changes cellular settings and VPN access settings. To do that, head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Urgent Windows 10 warning: Word and Outlook users must update their PCs immediately

Here are the updates that you need to install to make sure your computer is safe.

CVE-2021-31174 • CVE-2021-31178 • CVE-2021-31179 • CVE-2021-31939.

Explaining more about the attack Yaniv Balmas, Head of Cyber Research at Check Point Software, said: “The vulnerabilities found affect almost the entire Microsoft Office ecosystem. It’s possible to execute such an attack on almost any Office software, including Word, Outlook and others.

“We learned that the vulnerabilities are due to parsing mistakes made in legacy code. One of the primary learnings from our research is that legacy code continues to be a weak link in the security chain, especially in complex software like Microsoft Office.

“Even though we found only four vulnerabilities on the attack surface in our research, one can never tell how many more vulnerabilities like these are still laying around waiting to be found. I strongly urge Windows users to update their software immediately, as there are numerous attack vectors possible by an attacker who triggers the vulnerabilities that we found.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Ann Widdecombe hit out at 'politically correct' BBC after show removed religious word

The 73-year-old returns to screens today as she joins a panel of special guests on an edition of BBC One’s Celebrity Mastermind, which was chaired by the outgoing host John Humphrys. Ann, who has represented both the Conservative Party and Brexit Party during her long career in politics, is known for her outspoken manner, often sparking fierce debate on both sides of the political spectrum. She spent 23 years representing the constituents of Maidstone, Kent, and was once part of Sir John Major’s Cabinet, until his Government lost its grip on power to Tony Blair’s Labour in 1997.

Her position at the forefront of politics has remained, and in the years since resigning from her position as MP, Ann has remained firmly in the public spotlight thanks to appearances on shows like Celebrity Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing.

But two years ago, Ann was on the attack after reacting furiously to BBC show University Challenge, and its decision to drop the term Anno Domini or AD from a question regarding Christianity.

It was decided that as opposed to using AD, the politically correct term of CE – meaning Common Era – would be used instead during the programme’s Christmas broadcast in 2019.

The debate regarding the use of AD or CE comes after concern was raised that using the Latin term – in reference to historic events coming after the birth of Christ – could upset those who come from non-Christian backgrounds.

The celebrity edition of the programme included guests such as ex-Conservative Party leader Michael Howard – who Ann served under – screenwriter Dan Mazer and BBC’s Coast series presenter Mark Horton.

The question host Jeremy Paxman asked both teams was: “In about 300 CE which country in the Caucasus region became the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion?”

The BBC then came under heavy scrutiny not just from Ann – but also church leaders and other politicians.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday at the time of the row, Ann – a devout Catholic – said: “The term CE or Common Era is complete nonsense and isn’t even politically correct.

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He said: “I think this amounts to the dumbing down of the Christian basis of our culture, language and history.

“These changes are unnecessary and they don’t achieve what the BBC wants them to achieve.

“Whether you use Common Era or Anno Domini, the date is actually still the same and the reference point is still the birth of Christ.”

According to the Daily Mail, Marie Clair of the Plain English Campaign added: “As with most politically correct innovations, I am sure this was done with the best of intentions.

“But it is difficult to see what the point of the changes are if people do not understand the new terms. It sounds like change just for the sake of change.”

Celebrity Mastermind airs today on BBC One from 5.50pm.

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Gareth Southgate wants stern Euro 2020 word with England stars after Tyrone Mings incident

England manager Gareth Southgate will once again read the riot act about on-field discipline among his players when they get together as a group for the first time on Saturday.

It emerged after Wednesday night’s game against Austria that Tyrone Mings had been incredibly lucky not to be sent off – or at the very least concede a penalty – in the opening exchanges.

TV replays clearly show the Aston Villa defender end the run of Sasa Kalajdzic in uncompromising fashion with either an elbow or a forearm block as the Austrian looked to make a run on goal.

Luckily for the friendly international there was no VAR, but that sort of incident in the tournament could have resulted in having to play most of the match with 10 men and a possible two-match ban for an influential player.

“Certainly we have to make sure we keep 11 men on the field at all times, because that’s been a downfall in the past,” Southgate said.

“So that’s something we’ve always discussed and it will be no different over the coming weeks.”

In actual fact the conversation will go deeper than that with so many of England’s rivals adept with set-pieces around he penalty area.

“We talk a lot about avoiding giving free-kicks away full-stop really,” Southgate added.

“You know, when you go into major tournaments, teams are so dangerous from set-plays, you have to compete. But you’ve got to make sure we avoid giving fouls away.”

Southgate will meanwhile wait until after Sunday’s game against Romania to select his final squad member after Trent Alexander-Arnold was sent home with a torn thigh muscle.

Scans showed a “grade two quad tear” in the Liverpool defender’s left thigh that will keep him out of for up to six weeks.

He has already returned to Merseyside for rehabilitation but because it is a new injury that occurred after the June 1 deadline to name the final 26-man squad, manager Gareth Southgate is allowed to draft in a replacement.

However, with the fitness of Harry Maguire, Jordan Henderson and Kalvin Phillips also in doubt – all with pre-existing injuries that would mean no replacement would be possible – Southgate will leave it until the last possible moment to make his selection.

With all changes required to be made by the start of the tournament, practically that means Sunday’s game will be a final trial for one lucky player to join the party.

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Jesse Lingard, who was impressive against Austria, and James Ward-Prowse are the obvious front-runners.

But with so many defensive players struggling with fitness, Ben White would come into the reckoning after an impressive debut cameo as a substitute.

On the flip side, England’s toothless display may nudge Southgate towards adding Ollie Watkins to his available firepower.

Either way, it is a sad end to what had been a difficult three months for Alexander-Arnold since he was left out of the international get-together in March.

Since then, there had been intense speculation over whether the 22-year-old would make the final squad in the first place.

However, after getting the nod, in the final minute of the first warm-up game against Austria on Wednesday night, he pulled up after making a clearance and needed to be helped round the pitch and down the tunnel at the Riverside.

Harry Maguire is now part of the England set-up after the Manchester United players finally joined up after being given a break following the Europa League final and will continue to be assessed.

Additionally, Liverpool captain Henderson is causing growing concern after a set-back prevented him from playing even as a substitute against Austria.

With Kalvin Phillips also a concern it will be a nervous few days in the camp as even the specially-extended 26-man squads allowed by UEFA to combat the strains of two intense back-to-back seasons mean England are already beginning to look short of options in key areas with the opening game against Croatia at Wembley in just nine days’ time.

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'Get a grip!' Fury at calls for word 'mother' to be replaced by 'person who's given birth'

Some campaigners have called for the word to be replaced with a “parent who has given birth”. In the wake of the calls for the word to be replaced in a controversial equality drive, Express.co.uk readers have expressed their outrage over the “woke snowflakes”. Commenting on the story, one reader said: “What is happening to our English language as it seems to being influenced by complete nutters.”

Another said: “When will the majority actually have a say?

“Time to get a grip on these woke snowflakes.”

A third said: “It’s absolutely doing my head in, I have my daughter saying you can’t say this, it has to be said this way, I don’t know why there are so many insecure people out there.”

Another person called for the “idiot thinking” to stop in a furious attack against those calling for the change.

They said: “Sick to death of all his rubbish.

“I’m sure anyone in their right mind will just ignore all the woke idiots.

“I gave birth to two beautiful boys, now wonderful young men and I’m their mother/mum, not their ‘person’. Ridiculous!”

LGBT+ charity Stonewall has a scheme that advises organisations on how they can become more diverse.

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Stonewall has also had correspondence with the Welsh Government who have now concluded they will use the term “chestfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding”.

It said: “The Maternity and Adoption Leave Policy was updated in April to incorporate gender-neutral language, removing binary gender references wherever possible.

“An accompanying policy, previously called New & Expectant Mothers Policy has been renamed ‘Policy for Pregnant or Nursing Employees’.

“It has been revised to use non-gendered language, using the umbrella term ‘nursing’ to cover breastfeeding and chestfeeding.

“There are specific references to chestfeeding and we have ensured that the policy is inclusive for trans and non-binary parents.”

Stonewall said: “Since we set up the Diversity Champions programme in 2001, many large employers have developed major internal programmes to promote diversity and inclusion across their staff.”

Equalities minister Liz Truss, is pushing for Government departments to withdraw from the organisation’s employment scheme.

According to The Times, Ms Truss has told officials she believes Government bodies should withdraw from the diversity champions scheme, while the Equality and Human Rights Commission has withdrawn for “cost reasons”.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Jeremy Clarkson says 'woke is modern word for mad' as he slams London art

“In fact, you can even use the shortlist of artists as a way to cheer yourself up, because it gives us an insight into what’s happening in the leftie, vegan heads of the politically correct,” he wrote of the Fourth Plinth debate.

“We think they are dangerous and influential, but when they are asked to create their best work, what they come up with is a warty man, some naan bread, a grain silo and a load of ladyboys.

“Which suggests to me that ‘woke’ is just a modern word for ‘mad’,” he continued.

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14 Excerpts from Commencement Speeches Without the Word C*vid

Commencement speeches can bleed together. Adversity: overcome. Mountains: climbed. Friendships: lifelong.

But this year, as esteemed speakers across the country noted, graduation really is a victory.

“Surviving means that you have come through the catastrophe but you’re still relatively intact,” the basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told graduates at Washington University in St. Louis. “Thriving is about learning and growing as a result of the event. That’s what graduations are all about.”

The pandemic, ever-present, did not derail plans. Some schools held virtual commencements, while others only allowed the students themselves to attend in person. Instead of one commencement speaker, some schools invited several people to offer advice to graduates. A few staggered ceremonies to make room for social distancing, prompting some college presidents to go ahead and do the deed themselves.

“I couldn’t ask a guest speaker to speak 28 times,” joked Kent Fuchs, the president of the University of Florida.

Many speakers noted that graduates will face myriad challenges long after disease recedes. Young people will continue to lead protest movements. They will enter a work force reshaped by lockdowns and join economies buffered by the effects of climate change. The future, though bright, is profoundly uncertain.

Still, speakers reminded masked and socially distanced graduates to look for the joy.

Maria Taylor, an ESPN reporter, summed it all up in a speech at her alma mater, the University of Georgia: “To the class of 2021, y’all made it!”

Dr. Cardona is the U.S. Secretary of Education. He spoke to the graduating class at the University of Connecticut.

The top song on the Billboard Music charts today is “Save Your Tears,” by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande. In it, they tell the person to save their tears for another day. After this past year, we struggled together, we cried together, and we experienced loss together.

But graduates, today is a new day. Save your sad tears for another day.

Ms. Archer is the president of the American Civil Liberties Union. She spoke to graduates at New York University, where she serves as a professor of clinical law and a co-faculty director of the Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law.

There’s a saying in the Black community, that we are our ancestor’s wildest dreams. And I believe that and I have felt that so many times. And each and every one of you should feel that powerfully today. You have achieved things that your ancestors would never have imagined.

Mr. Dune helped his company, Sandler O’Neill, recover after the 9-11 attacks. He spoke at Notre Dame, his alma mater, about the lessons he learned from that day.

Normally, I would have gone straight to my two partners I knew best, but we had lost them, too. The question is, ‘How do we recover?’ And, more than that, ‘What can we do for those families left behind?

At such moments, there isn’t time to reflect and figure out what you believe. All you have is your foundation, and you’re about to find out if it’s a good one. If you can get through, it’s going to be on the strength of what you have already. How we conducted ourselves would define who we were and what we stood for. If we were not honorable, then we stood for nothing.

Ms. Venkataraman is the editorial page editor of The Boston Globe. She spoke at the University of Southern California.

Look for heroes not on the silver screen or the pedestal or even at this podium — but at eye level and within reach: the people in your life who have been afraid but done the right thing anyway, who have shown you by example how to be bold.

Prize bravery over bravado. Prize all moments of bravery, even the small and unrecognized ones. You can be heroic whenever you choose, whoever you are, without being perfect or celebrated or superbly talented.

Mr. Pompeo was the 70th Secretary of State. He spoke to students at Regent University.

There’s a growing threat right here, right in our backyard. Our country must remember that no one can enjoy the pursuit of happiness if you cannot own the fruits of your own labor, and no society can retain its legitimacy, or a virtuous character, without religious freedom. I worry. I worry that far beyond the battle lines of defense, economic or trade policy, that the battle to stop the divorce of America from its founding values is much more important.

Dr. Simmons is president of Prairie View A&M University and the former president of both Smith College and Brown University. She addressed the graduating class at Harvard University.

Human differences, intentionally engaged in the educational context, are as much a resource to our intellectual growth as the magnificent tomes that we build libraries to protect and the state-of-the-art equipment so proudly arrayed in our laboratories.

The encounter with difference rocks.

I believe that each of us has a solemn duty to learn about and embrace that difference. That undertaking takes not a month, not a year, but a lifetime of concerted action to ensure that we are equipped to play a role in caring for and improving the world we inhabit together.

President Biden spoke to graduates at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Class of 2021, you have it all. You really do. And we need you badly. …

The press always asks me why I’m so optimistic about America’s chances in the world. And I’ve said from the time I decided to run, “Because of this generation.” You’re the most progressive, best-educated, least prejudiced, most open generation in American history. We need you badly. You’re ready. It’s time to get underway.

Ms. Powell Jobs is a businesswoman and philanthropist. She spoke to students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Change in ourselves and change in the world happens similarly: It comes slowly, slowly, and then all at once. What matters is your readiness for the moment of revelation, of challenge, of opportunity. We have to be prepared to walk through the door when it opens, or, by our own power and purpose, to open it ourselves. And sometimes we need to tear down walls, the ones within and the ones without.

Mr. Ohanian is a co-founder of Reddit. He spoke at the University of Virginia.

There is going to be an amazing time, over the next 10, 15, 20 years, as we see what happens, with this new technology, with the power of community, to hopefully create a lot more good. And I don’t see any other path forward. We have to figure it out. We have to make it better — for my daughter, for her entire generation, for all of us to be able to not just survive, but thrive together, as a community, accepting the fact that we are all deeply flawed but working to bring about the very best in each and every one of us.

Mr. De Shields is an actor, director and choreographer. He was the keynote speaker at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Why is today different from any other day?

Because you are about to use the many years you have prepared to go out into the world and find employment.

But not just any employment. Here is my charge to you: Don’t look for just a job. Look for that horizon that if you do not discover it, it will forever remain a secret. Look for that treasure, that if you do not uncover it, it will forever remain just X marks the spot. Look for that mystery that if you don’t unravel it, it will forever remain a mystery.

Steven Moity and Isabella Paoletto contributed research.

Author: Amelia Nierenberg
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

Unilever bans use of word ‘normal’ from personal-care products to be more ‘inclusive’

Unilever, the multi-billion-dollar company that owns brands such as Dove and Sure, has announced it will be dropping use of the word “normal” from products, and toning down its photo editing to be more inclusive of its customers.

In a statement on Tuesday, Unilever revealed that its brands would be “removing the word ‘normal’ from advertising and packaging” after 70 percent of people in a survey said the word had a negative effect and the beauty industry needed to be more inclusive.

Unilever President of Beauty & Personal Care Sunny Jain added in his own statement that the company was “committed to tackling harmful norms and stereotypes, and shaping a broader, far more inclusive definition of beauty.”

“We know that removing ‘normal’ from our products and packaging will not fix the problem alone, but it is an important step forward,” he declared.

Unilever is also set to cut down on its editing of photos over the next year, prohibiting “all digital alterations to body shape, size, proportion and skin colour” in TV commercials, print advertising, and product images.

Many social media users celebrated Unilever’s decision, calling it a “brilliant stance” and a “wonderful leap forward,” but others accused the company of making a cheap PR statement and wondered how else its brands would now “describe non-oily, non-dry, non-combination, non-sensitive skin” on its skincare product packaging, if not as “normal.”

Last year, Unilever competitor Johnson & Johnson received positive press after announcing it would no longer sell the skin-whitening creams that have been common in Asia and other parts of the world.

A week later, French personal-care company L’Oréal announced it would drop words such as “white,”“fair,” and “light” from its branding, following Black Lives Matter protests.
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