fbpx Who can help with checking Polish citizenship by descent?

Who can help with checking Polish citizenship by descent?

Would you like to know if you are eligible for Polish citizenship by descent, or maybe you are still not sure whether your grandparents’ citizenship was not lost on the way? The institution of Polish citizenship is strictly regulated by administrative law, but being unsure of your background will not make the confirmation process less complicated. That’s why we have decided to prepare a few tips for you to check your eligibility for citizenship in Poland. Check it out!

Who can apply for Polish citizenship by ancestry?

The process of Polish citizenship by descent confirmation may seem complicated. We completely understand it! There are many conditions for you to fulfill and what’s more, you must prove your Polish roots before you take part in any proceedings. The fact that one of your family members (for example your grandparent or even great-grandparent) was born in Poland or its former territories is not enough for the process to end successfully. If he or she resided there after 1920, there is a big chance he or she once held citizenship of Poland. Your task is to confirm it! Of course, you do not have to do it on your own. Conducting research in archives across Poland and not only is not the easiest thing to do, but you can always ask for help. The Polish Citizenship Experts are here for you! All you need to do is contact them and provide information about your family members and their migration history. The more documents you have, the better for you! If you have expired IDs, Polish passports, or marriage certificates, you should include them all while applying for Polish citizenship. Any documents linking you to your family will make the proceedings as smooth as possible. Believe us!

Citizenship of Poland by descent – where to look for help?

As we mentioned before, the citizenship confirmation process seems to be difficult. So, it is important to not only complete the needed documentation, but also look for help. The Experts will assist in the proceeding and let you know if you are eligible for a citizenship application. Of course, they may also need your help! They might ask you several questions to finally find out more about your origin. Do not worry if you have no documents proving your Polish roots. It could be helpful, but the Expert will conduct research in archives across Poland to find the necessary documentation. Who should contact Polish Citizenship Experts? Especially anyone who is still unsure of their origin but would like to hold dual citizenship. With the Experts’ help, you might confirm your eligibility for being a fully-fledged citizen of Poland and enjoy all the benefits coming along with that. It is great, isn’t it?

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Polish citizenship by descent – why should you get it?

Confirming your origin is not that simple, for sure. If you have no proof of your Polish origin, you will first have to search for your ancestors or any evidence to validate your claim of ancestry. The Polish Citizenship Experts will assist with conducting research on your behalf. The important thing is the fact you do not have to speak Polish or visit Poland. However, if it turns out you are of Polish origin and the citizenship application process ends successfully, you will need to appear in the Polish Consulate General to get a Polish passport. New passports are biometric but do not worry about it right now. It is the best time for you to focus on proving your family members’ ancestry and getting dual citizenship. Once it is confirmed, there is nothing left to do but start using it. Maybe you would like to visit Spain or study in Germany? Being a Polish citizen gives you access to many EU countries. You can work or travel freely without border controls, study at public universities, or just live in Poland. It is up to you! What’s more, your family members (especially your children) get similar rights as you even though they were not born in Poland.

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