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AI Notice

Use of AI Notice

At Newslanes.com, we leverage various Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, including the Gemini AI tool, to enhance our news aggregation services and deliver a better experience for our readers. Here’s how we responsibly use Gemini AI:

  • News Curation and Personalization: Gemini AI assists us in identifying and surfacing relevant news stories across numerous sources. It analyzes your reading patterns and helps personalize your news feed, ensuring you see the most interesting content.

  • Content Understanding: Gemini AI processes and understands the context of news articles. This helps us categorize news accurately, identify trending topics, and improve the overall organization of our content.

  • Summarization: In some instances, Gemini AI may be used to generate concise summaries of news articles, providing you with a quick overview of essential information.

Transparency and Human Oversight

We understand the importance of transparency and ethical use of AI. Our use of Gemini AI is subject to regular review and human oversight. While the Gemini AI tool assists us, important decisions, especially those around editorial judgment, are always made by our experienced journalists.

Commitment to Accuracy

We prioritize accuracy and strive to mitigate potential biases that may be inherent in AI models. We constantly work with the Gemini AI team to improve the tool, helping ensure it provides reliable and unbiased information.

Your Feedback Matters

If you have questions or concerns about our use of Gemini AI, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@newslanes.com. We value your input and are committed to continuous improvement.

US and UK Considerations

Currently, there are no specific laws in the US or the UK mandating the disclosure of AI use. However, this notice demonstrates transparency and proactively addresses ethical concerns, aligning with best practices.