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Cleaning tips: How to clean kitchen appliances and make them last longer

Cleaning tips: How to clean kitchen appliances and make them last longer
Spring is the perfect time to start properly cleaning your kitchen and its appliances, especially in time for when lockdown eases and you can invite guests around to your home. Kitchen appliances such as kettles and microwaves gather dirt quickly due to them being used often, but there are plenty of things you can do to get them as clean as possible.
Clare continued: “Another trick is to heat up a slice of lemon in a water bath which will remove odours and keep your microwave smelling fresh.”

Cleaning the filter in your dishwasher’s base regularly is “crucial”, said Clare.

She explained that the filter collects food particles and residue, which not only causes it smell, but will also impact the dishwasher’s performance.

Clare also advised removing the dishwasher’s spray arms “every once in a while” and cleaning these separately, “allowing you to remove fruit pips and small food particles that may have got caught in the jets during the cycle”.

She added: “To give the dishwasher a thorough clean, you can purchase a dishwasher cleaner which removes both grease and odours, however a few wedges of lemon added to the cutlery basket or tray will help to freshen up it up.”

Clare recommended adding a mixture of water and washing up liquid to the oven’s base, loosening the dirt inside and making the oven easier to clean.

The Home Economist also gave her advice on how to clean the top of an oven.

She said: “A simple microfibre cloth works a treat to remove grease and restore shine. To protect the hob further, invest in a hob cleaner that leaves a silicon protective layer to eradicate marks from building up.”

Lastly, Clare explained how to keep a toaster crumb-free, which is essential for the toaster to be able to work properly.

“Simply pop out the crumb tray, located at the bottom of the toaster, and empty it into the bin with no need to awkwardly turn the toaster upside down over the bin,” Clare said.

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