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Furious Kim BANS Chinese medicines from hospitals after death of top aide

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Furious Kim BANS Chinese medicines from hospitals after death of top aide
The senior bureaucrat died suddenly after receiving an injection of cocarboxylase imported from China. According to reports, he had been suffering from heart-related illnesses along with high blood pressure and was being treated at the Pyongyang Medical College Hospital. Cocarboxylase is normally used to help patients suffering from fatigue, but in North Korea it functions as a “cure-all” to treat lung disease, high blood pressure and even contagious infections.
The Supreme leader was said to be furious on hearing of the death of his trusted official.

The man, in his 60s, had worked in the economic sector under Kim Jong Il, the father of the present leader.

The North Korean dictator reportedly expressed sadness over losing such a “talented official”, according to the Seoul based media outlet Daily NK.

Kim immediately issued an order for all Chinese medicines to be removed from hospitals in Pyongyang.

At the same time, he ordered scientists to stop their test trials of Chinese Covid vaccines and to concentrate on producing a domestic one instead.

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This is not the first time that the North Korean leader has acted unilaterally to ban things.

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The document said mullets and other unauthorised hairstyles are “anti-socialist behaviour” and are part of the “yellow wind of capitalism”.

Western-style clothing such as ripped or skinny jeans, sloganed T-shirts and nose and lip piercings have also been forbidden.

Meanwhile, officials continue to crack down down on pop music following the success of South Korean K-pop bands such as BTS and Blackpink.

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This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

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