Portugal 'safer than UK supermarket' while Brit airport staff 'don't seem clear' on rules

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Portugal 'safer than UK supermarket' while Brit airport staff 'don't seem clear' on rules

“He said, ‘You’re not really supposed to go for leisure’.

“When I told him that I absolutely could because it was a green country he shrugged and said ‘well kind of’.

“It worries me that even the airport staff don’t seem to be clear on the rules.”

Express.co.uk contacted Heathrow Airport for comment this subject. The airport explained: “The border at Heathrow is managed by Border Force officials, a division of the Home Office and not by Heathrow.”

According to the Government website, Border Force are up-to-date on all of the latest travel guidelines.

“Border Force will be checking that arriving passengers have complied with current health measures, and passengers can help reduce delays by completing all necessary requirements before entering the country,” states the Gov.uk website.

“The Government is constantly trying to improve processes to make them as efficient as possible to minimise wait times and will be committing to increasing Border Force resources to manage increased demand.

“This includes deploying additional Border Force officers where high volumes of passengers are expected.”

Ms Johnson also believes the Government need to make the rules around travel to green and amber countries clearer for consumers.

“An easy checklist would help and the rules around amber are ridiculous,” she said.

“You can legally go to an amber country for any reason you like but there’s so much confusion because of government ‘guidance’.

“I wish that everything is just a bit clearer so everyone understands what they should or should not be doing.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed


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