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UK Covid cases spike by 11,000 in biggest daily surge for months – Freedom Day on brink

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UK Covid cases spike by 11,000 in biggest daily surge for months – Freedom Day on brink

Covid-19 infections have been surging with the highly transmissible Delta variant becoming dominant.

As a result the Government has pushed back the end of coronavirus restrictions in England by four weeks.

Thursday’s figure is the highest since February 19, when 12,027 cases were detected.

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Professor Chris Whitty, the UK Government’s chief medical advisor, said the worse of the new outbreaks are taking place in deprived areas.

He commented: “The geographical areas where Covid has hit have been extremely defined, where the biggest problems have been repeated.

“So, you see in situations in Bradford, in Leicester, in bits of London for example, in bits of the north west, you see repeated areas where places have been hit over and over again in areas of deprivation.

“Indeed in many of them, if you had a map of Covid’s biggest effects now and a map of child deaths in 1850, they look remarkably similar.

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“These are areas where deprivation has been prolonged and deeply entrenched.”

Addressing the NHS Confed Conference Professor Whitty warned of a “further surge” in coronavirus cases.

He said: “I think the height of that surge is still uncertain and we’ll have to see how this goes over the next several weeks.

“But that will definitely translate into further hospitalisations and, unfortunately, it will undoubtedly translate into further deaths.”

On Thursday the UK recorded another 19 coronavirus related deaths, which took place within 28-days of a positive Covid test.

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Another 222 patients were admitted to hospital with the disease whilst over 1.1 million virus tests were administered.

The UK has one of the world’s most advanced Covid vaccine programmes, with more than 42 million Britons having received at least one jab.

Just over 30 million have been vaccinated twice, giving them the highest possible protection against coronavirus.

On Thursday Britain recorded another 195,565 first vaccines and 234,834 second jabs.

During his address Professor Whitty claimed the UK is likely to have a resurgence in flu cases this winter, unless “the Covid situation is so bad that everybody has started to go back to essentially minimising their social contacts again”.

He added: “So, either we will have a very significant Covid surge, people will minimise their contacts and we will have less respiratory viruses, or people will be back to a more normal life, there will be some Covid but on top of that we will go back to having a flu surge, an RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] surge in children, and so on.

“I think we need to be aware of and brace for the fact that the coming winter may well be quite a difficult one.”

However he claimed the situation is unlikely to be as bad as it was during the winter of 2020-21.

On Monday the Government announced the end of coronavirus restrictions for England is being pushed back four weeks until July 19.

However the 30 person cap for weddings will be lifted on June 21, though attendees will still have to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Currently it is illegal to have a gathering of more than six people, or two households, in your home.

Britain has recorded more than 128,000 coronavirus related deaths since the pandemic began.

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This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

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UK Covid cases spike by 11,000 in biggest daily surge for months – Freedom Day on brink
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