France: Health passes now mandatory
Public transport, bars and many other services

France: Health passes now mandatory Public transport, bars and many other services

France: Health passes now mandatory
Public transport, bars and many other services

France’s health pass program has been extended to protect its economy and prevent the spread of coronavirus. People will need to show proof of their current vaccination or a negative COVID-19 testing in order to be able to use public facilities such as cafes, restaurants, swimming pools, public transport, and hospitals.

Protests erupted across the country in protest of this decision.

An official from the interior ministry said that 204,090 people had shown up in France over the past week. This included 14,250 at Paris.

In line with the new changes, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has issued an updated warning on its travel advice page for UK visitors in the country.

The FCDO stated in an update that “from July 21 you must demonstrate your COVID-19 [including] vaccination status or evidence of recent recovery to gain access to events or spaces with more than 50 persons attending.”

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This card will be required to gain access to a variety of venues and services, including bars, restaurants and museums as well as retirement and long-distance bus and train journeys.

This requirement will apply to those aged between 12 and 17 only starting September 30,

One of the following criteria can fulfill the “pass sanitaire”.

According to the FCDO, “This is possible by meeting one of these three requirements.”

A vaccination certificate that conforms to EU Digital Covid Status Certification Framework. It shows you have been fully vaccinated using a vaccine approved by the European Medical Authority.

This is seven days following a second dose Oxford/AstraZeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech Moderna.

Or 28 days following a single Johnson & Johnson dose.”

For those who can show that they are infected, seven days will pass after one injection. This applies only to French-vaccinated persons.

“A negative antigen or PCR test result within the past 48 hours.

“A document proving that you recently recovered from COVID, which is more than eleven days old and less than six month ago.”

Health care workers are required to have vaccinated.

Some French citizens have protested the new regulations.

Anne, a Paris teacher, said to The Guardian that she was creating a segregated community and it was unbelievable to do this in a country where human rights are protected.

“I believe our freedom is at risk.”

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