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The five largest spiders of the season The world

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The five largest spiders of the season

Is your house one of millions that have had a spider infestation? Although eight-legged visitors are scary, some of these large beasts can be downright frightening. Which are the largest spiders?

Which unwanted visitor has made your house squeamish?

It’s Spider Season in the UK!

We see spiders more in this season of the year because it’s their mating season.

The female spiders prefer to be indoors so the males go in and follow them.

Although there are over 650 spider species in Britain, very few are considered to be dangerous.

In different areas of the globe, however, spiders may grow up to incredible sizes. The world’s largest one measures over 30cm.

Arachnophobia is a serious condition. These five spiders are the largest in the world

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Colombian giant Tarantula

This big, fluffy Tarantula can grow up to 8 inches tall.

Its appearance, like most tarantulas is more important than its bite.

The Colombian giant Tarantula, however, has an unusual weapon: spiked rear legs. They can spin out when they are provoked.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

A sixth-inch spider from South America is another. It isn’t the largest, but it is the one that is most frightening.

This spider, also known as Phoneutria fraterna, is eight-legged and can bite fatally.

The Brazilian wandering spider can be extremely venomous, and even kill people.

Men will experience a painful, death-like erection after being bitten by this spider.

Be thankful that spiders are small when you reach for a glass of water or a hoover.

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