Tec de Monterrey opens Center for Consciousness Companies

The Center for Conscious Companies (CEC) was presented by the Tecnologico de Monterrey, an initiative of EGADE Business School, and the Tec’s Business School. It aims to create a new consciousness among leaders, businesses, and organisations that promotes human flourishing, and makes society more fair, prosperous, and inclusive.

Cortesia Tec de Monterrey

The university stated that the CEC would promote conscious capitalism principles in a cross-disciplinary way. It will enrich the model and adapt it for Latin America and Mexico. Raj Sisodia is the co-founder of conscious capitalism and a global leader. He joins Tec to serve as Distinguished University Professor in Conscious Enterprise. Francisco Fernandez also takes over the Directorate

Dr. Sisodia presented the keynote address entitled “Towards Concious Capitalism”, where he explained the purpose of the CEC to offer guidance and learning opportunities to companies who seek to evolve business to favor conscious capitalism and contribute to the creation of policies and institutions of commercial practice.

Image: Courtesy Tec de Monterrey

These are the four areas of focus for which The Center plans to develop its work:

  1. Provides specialized support for companies, which is based upon applied research and supports the implementation of conscious management models. This project is the “Living Wage Calculator”, and in addition, the first Mexican book about conscious capitalism is currently being written.
  2. An international community of conscious leaders and organisations whose purpose is to strengthen this network through the promotion and use of the Tec de Monterrey platform and philosophy. The CEC currently has relationships with Conscious Capitalism Mexico Chapter System B, Alliance for Impact Investment Social Capitalism Initiative PRME, Global Compact and other strategic partners.
  3. Learning experiences that develop mind, body, and knowledge. These are then translated into action and impact. This is why more than 900 people have studied Conscious Leadership in Business at the National Level.
  4. Think leaders that drive mindful culture and leadership. This line was home to the training of the 30th generation of Conscious Company teachers. Tec’s research group have a strategic focus that aligns with the themes of the center. Among them, the Research Group on Social Innovation and Sustainability and Tec’s expert on “Creation of Sustainable Wealth”.

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